Super Toss The Turtle MOD APK v1.181.97 (MOD, unlimited money)

The robot graphics matching the cartoon you are familiar with appear like the vessel in Super Toss The Turtle MOD APK. It has a plain-colored interface, but most of the characters come standard with different attributes. You can use corn stalks or heavy missiles with the assortment of firearms accessible to you. Every weapon will allow you to make it farther and indicates your vitality.

Additional Information

App Name Super Toss The Turtle MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 230 MB
Latest Version 1.181.97
Root Required No
Installs 5,000,000+ downloads
Required 4.4 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Update 1 day ago
Get it On Google Play

An exciting new game from the famous franchise GonzoSSM is available on the YouTube channel, and we would like to introduce it to you today. The game is just as fun as Angry Birds; It features exciting–yet familiar–shooting-angle gameplay. Give the game a try, and you may quickly become addicted to its exciting gameplay!

In this game, you will control the machine gun, the gun bullets, and the funny green turtle with a particular range. From the angle of your weapon, set the turtle ammunition high to hit targets above and below the ground. Your targets include numerous dangerous enemies, such as animals using weapons and opponent weapons. Do not let the turtle fall too close to someone; it might hit you.


A Coordinates Shooter With Cute Graphics Is Called Turtle Toss. In Turtle Toss, the players Use Cannons and Guns to Pop the Head of the Turtle Farther Away. Say, You Shoot at Enemies Such As Ground Troops, Chances of Accidentally Throwing a Weapon, Gun, or Gold Coins on How Far the Turtle Goes Up. Turtle Toss Possesses Gameplay of the Coordination Shooter (or Shooting Angle) Similar to the Panther, with a New Appearance.

You can be gambling with one another, your friends, and other players to see which of you shot the furthest turtle away. Since you play shooting games, your goal will be to regulate machine guns, cannons, and even crude weapons such as slingshots. It would help if you loaded the gun bullets for the specific turtles in green. You have to shoot rightfully. Be sure to correctly align the tortoise bullets, shoot accurately, and set the firearm to stay in place.

The game features various weapons such as planes, guns, cannons, bombs, satellites, and atomic parts, all varying in damage. Each weapon has a specific range shown as a bar, so you can quickly deduce the intensity of a particular attack. Besides fighting turtles, you can attack various other animals to augment gameplay.

In addition to shooting at great distances, players must also take advantage of three support opportunities to help the game’s turtle reach farther. The farther the distance, the more points, and bonuses you will receive. Outstanding features of Android’s Su er Toss The Turtle are that:

  • The game is free for everybody to download and play.
  • Numerous foes and items are on the way.
  • Multiple exciting characters for you to shoot.
  • Above twelve distinct cannons and weapons.
  • New lifts give you much more fun and long periods of interactivity.
  • North of 80 accomplishments.
  • Incalculable huge things to assist you with flying higher and farther.
  • Save the game in the cloud.
  • Illustrations with great sound.


Suрer Throw The Turtle is a game centered around tossing turtles and little creatures to butcher in the air. The game intends to get increasingly long distances. Because of this element and the slaughters got on, our personality will be the reward that we can get in each send-off.

Snags, traps, promoters, bombs, and a wide range of blasts will be the most wanted component to accomplish significant distances. Find how to saddle your capacities to shoot better and catch more supporters. There is a progression of fundamental tips you should consider in each shot or gun fired. We start with our turtle. Once a fledgling, it frequently requires investment to find various information to be more powerful.

Super Toss The Turtle MOD APK Features

Aim Angle

A significant slope that will allow you to make the most out of is around fifty (or more) to forty-five levels. Also, focus on continuing the bar out, so our turtle shoots out.

Super Toss The Turtle MOD APK


When prestige is enabled, we use the purchases of special weapons. Keep in mind that we’ll lose weapons when activated. Likewise, as with the articles, boosts, and characters, the benefit of Windows is that there is an increase in our revenue by 15 or cause. We can say that it will bring 15 profit. So, how do we activate prestige? We must play the normal mode and buy all the unique weaponry.


Most equipment lands on things or boost rockets, which go up momentarily when fired. Some of us can obtain more bullets than any weapon, but the more helpful they are. The last point is that in the game, there are three classes of purchases: Cannons, weapons, and things. Without them, the game is practically worthless.

Super Toss The Turtle MOD APK


The enjoyable factor is a crucial consideration that can increase the distance traveled. Tap on our icon when they take a central descending angle and at the beginning of the leap. Tidal elevation regimes will keep the aircraft aloft longer, giving us more chances of grabbing some advantage boosters.

Guide Your Turtle

When we press the screen of our turtle or character with a momentary touch in the air, we see that the screen is cluttered to indicate whether or not we can move the character around to pick the direction in which it moves. The part presses on the turtle until it moves in that direction. It has the function of braking and accelerating the character so that we do not have to stay in the down position of the part’s finger. Sometimes, if we press on the screen very profoundly and quickly, we can avoid running into obstacles.

Tips and Tricks

Are you planning to learn the tricks for the game Su er Toss The Turtle MOD APK? Are you looking for ways to improve your game for the worse in Su er Toss, The Turtle? Are you currently playing Su er Toss The Turtle and stuck on a specific level? Do not be concerned! We’re here to help. Next, we will explain how many crucial tricks for Su er Toss The Turtle MOD APK work.

Super Toss The Turtle MOD APK

Explore The Game

The BLAST store is back to work, and the competition has become even more exciting. Play against your friends and the world to make the ultimate turtle thrower in the Super Throw The Turtle. Shoot as far as you can with cannons, shotguns, bombs, jetpacks, nuclear weapons, and many more cool devices! Choose from many different types of animals to throw joy into your life.

We’ll see whether these tips work on the Samsung Galaxy S7. If the programmers finalize this procedure, it works just as well for you. If you’re unable to activate them, it might be that the administrators are doing something incorrectly in the process. The truth is that in some online games, especially those that also work online in multiplayer, applying the tricks can cause you to be banned.

Remember, we did not make that many of the pages associated with her. But we do it on foreign websites, attempt them and check them here for you. In addition, if it isn’t even, we’ll delete it without difficulty; contact us via email or leave a comment. The cheats are Bachelor Edition, compatible with the latest sport version available on the Google Play Shop. The guide is continuously updated by referring you directly to the forum where the tricks are published. In this way, you will download the updated tricks for the game every time they release updates from the developers.

Super Toss The Turtle MOD APK

Special Features

Let’s start on a very superficial level. What is an APK file on Android? Without getting too in-depth, know that an APK file for Android is like an executable on Windows. The APK format is the standard file format for Android programs.

An APK file is an executable file that, once started and opened with a specific program, allows you to install an app on your device. The file must be installed on your device’s Android for the software you want to install.

To do this, follow these steps when installing APK and OBB files on Android.

  • Interface your Android cell phone or tablet to the PC/Macintosh with a unique link
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Instructions to activate the tricks, cheats, and hacks

We suggest following the means on Macintosh or PC and not on the telephone/tablet. You do everything despite copious advice to the contrary. We have tried the system. We won’t assume liability if something turns out badly on your gadgets.

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Super Toss The Turtle MOD APK

If you know how to continue, here are the composed signs in a more engineered manner:

  • Uninstall any generally introduced renditions of the game
  • Go to this site and open the post connected with the game containing the most refreshed stunts. We have previously set the pursuit. You have to open the center with the most recent update.
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Final Words

Like this casual trivia game, The Turtle is an excellent pastime for fans of Turtle Toss. Like Angry Birds, you play a screaming turtle using several different deadly weapons and firearms to take out his adversaries. There are atomic weapons on hand for you; download and check them out.

The game’s graphics are fun and visually pleasing. The game’s gameplay is similar to Angry Birds. Players need only utilize transmitters, capacitors, machine guns, grenades, bulletproof vests, extraterrestrial weapons, and other bonuses to shoot the tortoise as far as possible.

The game enables you to use a wide assortment of tools and accessories. But players are right to focus on the launch angle. That’s the only way they can shoot at the target more accurately.

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