Pixel Z Gunner 3D MOD APK v5.3.5 (Unlimited money)

With the accessible mobile gaming experience of the Pixel Z Gunner 3D MOD APK video game, you will have fun in the exciting simulated battles against agile zombie creatures that take a while to complete. Try the incredible and simple platform game that allows you to take on stop-tombs and zombies as you charge toward them, engaging in the game with your multiplayer friends.

Additional Information

App Name Pixel Z Gunner 3D MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 71 MB
Latest Version 5.3.5
Root Required No
Installs 1,000,000+ downloads
Required 4.4 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
PixelStar Games
Update 1 day ago
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No matter where you find yourself physically, you can entertain yourself in a terrific action game with free spins on the go. Launch your destructive assault weapons against the hordes of zombies in each of the breathtaking locations you come across in this addictive shooter game.

Read our in-depth reviews and learn about all aspects of this outstanding mobile game from PixelStar Games and all our games’ features.


The worldwide zombie outbreak has eaten the world today and even humanity itself. All that is left is a trail of mindless monsters that are thoroughly informed on the locations of humans and obtain cautious people looking for resources when they can. Nonetheless, there are still courageous people who resist these monsters and turn into Zombie Hunters.

You’ll be confronted with an even greater risk during this post-apocalyptic environment, so try to train your skills if you wish to outsmart these challenging opponents. Enjoy the fantastic mobile experience that Pixel Z Gunner 3D provides for you. Your mobile characters will fight against formidable adversaries in this 3D-action game. Use the intuitive and sophisticated touch screens to browse the game’s many choices thoroughly, find novel things to do, and advance through the numerous mechanics you enjoy.

Select the various resources you can use in the game as you play with powerful and efficient weapons. Explore the option of the fascinating Craft system, which is used by Android gamers to continually enjoy fun motion gameplay while using the associated weapons of all sorts. Engage in a wide range of competitors with bloodthirsty settings and engaging missions. All of these will keep players on their mobile devices continually fascinated.

Pixel Z Gunner 3D MOD APK Features

Whatever exciting features the game offers can be found below.

Exciting maps to keep you interested

Throughout the game, Pixel Z Gunner 3D players will enjoy competing against numerous other players in many adventure maps whose settings, environments, and opponents will vary. The game is delightful, thanks to this flexibility. It is similar to LastCraft Survival and Pixel Survival Game 2 because its diverse maps contain a huge variety of enjoyable elements.

Pixel Z Gunner 3D MOD APK

Enjoy the epic survival mode.

For those interested, you can now enjoy the grand ** life mode in Pixel Z Gunner 3D, which lets users embark on an adventure that allows them to play in their unique ways. Pick your weapons and abilities, fight off the hordes of zombies for as long as possible, and save your people. Survive and overcome your opponents on a variety of different levels.

Epic missions with escalating challenges

In Pixel Z Gunner 3D, players will have many opportunities to fill out their campaign modes and discover the various challenges offered. I never had a problem with campaign modes where you explore the 50 stages and take on unique challenges. With the game available in different degrees of difficulty, from Normal to Hell, you will be able to challenge your abilities to the fullest.

Feel free to explore the mine system

Pixel Z Gunner 3D, a highly detailed Android game, provides a limitless obstacle system that’s wonderful for gamers who want something more complex than their direct shooting games. Enter the machine and begin upgrading your capabilities right away. Explore the large machinery to earn incredible bonuses for gaming.

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Explore the exciting Craft system

Using the extensive Craft system in Pixel Z Gunner 3D, the player can create details, items, weapons, and objects out of collected materials. Obtain materials from loot, in-game rewards, and resources that you mine. Make sure to upgrade your weapons and equipment to improve their attributes.

Awesome weapons to work with

Suppose you do as you desire with the ground-breaking weapon organization offered in Pixel Z Shooter 3D. In that case, you can relish utilizing the plethora of mobile weaponry available, each with its unorthodox advantage. Explore how the distinct warhead elements with different mechanics fire, such as grenades, lasers, exploding ammunition, and more. Given the opportunity to familiarize yourself with baddies that have various strengths and weaknesses, you will instinctively know which approach will work best to evade them.

Intuitive and natural touch controls

Players will have comfortable controls to work with the Pixel Z Gunner 3D game, with uncomplicated rules and the ability to navigate to game elements easily. Gamers also have the option to make use of the automatic fire system created to make the game a lot easier and more convenient. Gamers may toggle this option on or off as desired.

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Have fun working with different skins

Pixel Z Gunner 3D players now have access to various avatars, allowing them to play in another way when continuing their zombie adventures. Try and collect different skins variants so you can play multiple characters while participating in the simulated games to have more control over your storylines.

Hire a mercenary to help you

Scriptwriters interested in video game development will now have the ability to purchase mercenaries via Pixel Z Gunner 3D. Supply them with your equipment or better to improve their most basic capabilities. Let your consultants fight for you so that you don’t become easy prey to your opponents during the more dangerous stages of the game.

Enjoy competing with others in ranked challenges.

PixelStar Games features the ranking of the many challenges, allowing mobile players to compete with other races to secure the top rankings, achievements in specific games, and an overall triumph.

Expect new features coming up.

And whereas the game up to this point was a demo, you will have a lot of new content and gameplay for you. Have all the difficulties while exploring the online world and have an excellent time exploring all your favorite new modes, maps, and much more. All these will make Pixel Z Gunner 3D even more exciting to enjoy.

Available in many languages

By making the game available in dozens of native tongues, Pixel Z Gunner 3D players of every origin have no trouble enjoying their mother tongue whenever they want. Just dive into the game and begin playing right away.

Have fun playing the game offline

You can also play Pixel Z Gunner 3D’s offline-enabled zombie shooter on your phone whenever and wherever you like, and the game has no moment to allow you to be connected to the Internet. This is because Pixel Z Gunner 3D’s offline mode lets you move freely and shoot at zombies whenever you’re ready.

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Free to play

No matter all the exciting features, the game remains free for use on all Android gaming platforms, much to the pleasure of its many players. This time, you have to download the game, start actively playing right away, and look out for commercials to get to the next part.

Enjoy the modded version of the game on our website.

With the advertisement-free game version, Pixel Z Gun 3D players may want to switch from our site’s regular version to a modded version. Here, we offer the unlocked game with advertisements and optional in-app purchases removed so that you can completely control the game. Download the Pixel Z Gunner 3D Mod APK file, follow the given instructions, and you’ll be able to unlock the ad-free version of the game.

Sound & Music

Pixel Z Gunner 3D features exciting sound. Have a contemporary gamer; you’ll be captivated by its classic graphics and intense sound effects. And let’s not forget that the background music will always make you feel pumped up in your next fight.


Get prepared to enjoy the thrilling recreation of Pixel Z Gunner 3D with its particular pixel-style shows, exactly where handheld gamers are introduced to the various lousy zombie worlds but still enjoy the fantastic pixel-style arts. Have fun playing the exciting shooter games while enjoying its amazing spectacular visuals, unique 3D pixel models, and more.

Final Thoughts

If you’re after a game full of simple and exciting gameplay with plenty of options, you can be involved; play Pixel Gunner 3D on your Android devices at your discretion. This captivating game is a superb option for the committed gamer.

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