Dead Zed MOD APK v1.3.9 (Unlimited Money)

Immerse yourself in the exciting gameplay on your mobile devices with Dead Zed as you dive into this immersive zombie apocalypse world. Feel free to kill as many zombies as you want to while they are charging at you in large numbers. Increase your knowledge of Dead Zed MOD APK as you discover that the zombies aren’t the only threat to you as you hunt for supplies and try to survive.

Additional Information

App Name Dead Zed MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 241 MB
Latest Version 1.3.8
Root Required No
Installs 5,000,000+ downloads
Required 5.1 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Not Doppler
Update 1 day ago
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Take advantage of the most potent weapon arsenal featuring powerful weapons you could picture. Kick massive openings, and with the help of your teammates, you might survive the zombie apocalypse.

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It begins with you, the focal character, awakening in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. You have few clues about how and why this occurred, but you know one thing, you must do everything in your power to attempt to survive this catastrophic event. The presentation later said you must wait 40 days before going on air for the rescue team. Additionally, you’ll need to fight off hordes of hungry and dangerous zombies, one after another, in this survival challenge. Using your trusty weapons, you protect yourself from the zombies. More critically, survivors start to assemble at your base camp, asking for help. You round up every one of them, and together, you prepare for the onslaught of the oncoming hordes.

As the size and number of the town’s survivors increases, the number of your resources will not suffice to sustain them. For this reason, you should send out search parties to find additional resources and weapons. Furthermore, ensure your timing is right so your team will not get ambushed in its efforts. Set up a defense system and resupply your allies with useful weapons and other valuable tools to equip them and make them work for you, as indicated by your observations in the field of operation. Take advantage of what you have if you find fate watching you.

Dead Zed MOD APK Features

Here you can read more about all of the great features the game has to offer.

Upgrade your weapons to deal with the zombies effectively

Guns will gradually deteriorate over time, problematic when intensive waves of zombies begin to close in on you. Fortunately, Dead Zed permits players to open up multiple upgrade options for their weapons, making them much more potent once zombies keep coming. Add extra power and improve firepower.

Dead Zed MOD APK

Multiple zombies with escalating powers

The longer you survive in the never-ending bloodbath, the more likely it is that the more complex and numerous zombies you will run into. You seek to find and oppose the best survivors who can endure after enduring lots of bullets.

Unlock new locations as you progress further

As you progress into the game, you’ll quickly realize that staying in one position is t as safe as it seems. Now that the zombies know where you’re staying, they’ll only keep returning for more. At the same time, there is no safe place to seek protection, and there is t a spot that will keep zombies away wholly.

Your only means of surviving this zombie outbreak is to continue advancing. Initiate your trip in the local and surrounding geographical zone, and then shift to another location as you progress. Fight the zombies you encounter wherever you go, from a residential area to a deserted town. Protect every base from as many zombie attacks as possible so you can stay at your safe house for as long as possible.

Make use of your powerful arsenal to deal with zombie attacks.

The video game also contains an assortment of weapons to utilize on your trip toward zombie extermination. Take out zombies with a variety of weapons on your side. Purchase a pistol in the early parts of the game and use them to take out zombies in the early stages of the game. After you’ve survived the zombie hordes for some time, you can begin picking up powerful assault rifles or shotguns to deal some severe damage to the horrible monsters. The game even includes powerful weapons like the bazooka that can quickly destroy multiple targets simultaneously. Scavenging the diverse locales to seek out new weapons as you attempt to escape malignant monsters. You must be careful when you pick your weapons for each round.

Dead Zed MOD APK

Simple and addictive zombie shooter game

The game offers them a simple yet highly addictive zombie shooter gameplay that few worthwhile titles can compete with to get players started. The intuitive and easy-to-press controls empower players to take down charging zombies with just one shot. Quickly switch back to the firearm you’re currently using or reload your weapon to continue gunning down at the zombies.

If you’re thrilled that you will likely exterminate these mean characters, 40 days within Dead Zed will be the best time of your life. Look forward to picking up various weapons in the game and acting upon them by firing your zombie comic powers at them as you try your best to survive. Nevertheless, please consider that it does not want to be as easy as it seems. It will appear to be a significant challenge, with stronger zombies waiting for you in the late days.

Multiple objectives and achievements to complete

Along with entertaining missions, there is also a way for quick cash to make a comeback for players of Dead Zed. Taking part in missions allows you to pick up several objectives and achievements to fulfill them and receive the reward. Solve the quests, and you can yield some great prizes.

Never lose your in-game progress.

Dead Zed players can rest assured that they will not be lost from their low-lying save files. You’ll have to create your own personal Facebook associate with the game to facilitate the activation. To be performed, you only need to link your Facebook account. From that point forward, your progress will be saved for future synchronization. Consequently, the next time you can grab the game on another system or if you’ve backed the game prior, your saved data will be easy to fit.

Dead Zed MOD APK

Free to play

Despite the fun gameplay, the game is still free for Android users to enjoy on their handheld devices. All you need to do is download and install the game from the Play Store. However, it would help if you made in-app purchases to enjoy the game thoroughly because it is freemium. You will find our DLC very helpful if you’re bothered by that.

Enjoy the game to the fullest with our mods.

In another way, with our newly revised game, players will have infinite money, which can be used to improve the weapons to their highest possible value. Use the infinite fire powers of your mighty creature to tackle anything that gets in your way. Access our Dead Zed Mod APK, and you can start enjoying the cool extra features right this moment!


The realistic sounds incorporate survivalists on the run from all sorts of zombies in an uncompromising, immersive first-person shooter game universe by which every sound you hear is deliciously authentic. It feels as though you are caught within your imaginative zombie universe.


Truly ground-breaking graphics and Droid-compatible mechanics will drive young adults to use their many firearms, forming puffing fountains of fire as they shoot down zombies or blow up enemies with a huge bang. In addition to the game being excellent for digital entertainment, it will provide an experience worthy of actual gameplay. Its intense effects will brilliantly enhance the overall realism.

Dead Zed MOD APK

Final Thoughts

Those engrossed by zombie-themed video games like Dead Target or Into the Dead will surely enjoy this small video game from Not Doppler, similar to Dead Zed MOD APK. With straightforward yet addictive gameplay, Dead Zed is a beautiful translation of PC video games. Not to mention it’s free and unlocked for you to download right away. Start downloading the game today to disappear into its entertaining world.

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