Dead by Daylight Mobile MOD APK v5.4.0012 (Fov, Shadow/World Cham)

The top-rated survival video game Dead by Daylight Mobile MOD APK is now available on Android. Thousands of players worldwide are currently engaged in wild adventures while staying in the wild and being hunted down by the wicked when learning to fend for themselves using anything and tools they find along their way. Utilize the available items and equipment to fend off dangerous enemies. Stay alive as long as possible before tomorrow’s morning light comes up.

Additional Information

App Name Dead by Daylight Mobile MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 1.6G
Latest Version 5.4.0012
Root Required No
Installs 5,000,000+ downloads
Required 7.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Behaviour Interactive
Update 1 day ago
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Being the last one standing, gamers in Dead by Sunlight Versatile should make an honest effort to remain alive in this terrible world. Investigate the environmental factors to search for pinion wheels, weapons, and extras while keeping away from the eager lunatics.

Collaborate with your kindred survivors; together, you’ll have better possibilities of enduring this out-of-control world. Get ready to confront the unknown dangers and adversaries as they appear out of the blue. Ensure you and your accomplices are entirely prepared to manage the difficulties.

In this murky world, there will be nobody to educate you. Every one of the choices you caused will straightforwardly affect the result of your stabilities. Put yourself under intense pressure and severe circumstances where you’ll need to make utilization of your speedy reasoning capacities. In any case, you could likewise follow the way of an executioner, chase down the last ones standing utilizing your customary tenacity, and show them genuine torment and divergence.

Dead by Daylight Mobile MOD APK Features

Look for all the features the game offers; it will not disappoint.

Fight your enemies in varied worlds.

Dying by Daylight will take you to various environments with different attributes. Discover unique locations in Dead by Daylight, such as the MacMillan Estate, AutoHaven Wrecker, Coldwind Farm, Crotus Prenn Asylum, etc.

Dead by Daylight Mobile MOD APK

Explore different gameplay as you progress

What’s more, gamers in Dead By Sunlight won’t just get their opportunities to investigate the typical ongoing interaction yet additionally numerous other energizing modes. First, you can test your abilities and capacities in more than 50 different in-game levels with fluctuated troubles. Rout the adversaries and progress to a higher level.

Also, the people who believe they’re ready for the cutthroat war zone could join many online players in the positioned fights. Battle against the most talented adversaries in acquire your entitlement to live.

Furthermore, the game includes fluctuated interactivity, including the Bloodweb, Sanctuary of Insider facts, etc. You can find everything you wish to be aware of in the world in Dead by Sunlight.

Dead by Daylight Mobile MOD APK

Collect daily rewards and offers

Not only offline but online gamers can acquire extraordinary daily rewards for playing regularly. Each day, you will receive new bonuses to improve your game skills.

Collect valuable loot by completing epic achievements

To enrich the game experience further, players can additionally collect valuable prizes outside the computer game by completing numerous epic accomplishments.

Dead by Daylight Mobile MOD APK

Go against the devious killers.

The Survivors, the Survivors, and we also have the very nasty, deceitful killers with a unique power that might hurt you severely.

  • The Catcher – by setting up bear traps from everywhere the guide, the Catcher can find his supplicates in all spots. He is the ideal executioner with beast force, outrageous agility, and a scary emanation.
  • The Phantom – What could be more frightening than having a hazardous beast prowling around you without your notification? Passing could occur at any minute.
  • The HillBilly – being gotten into a pursuit with an exception that you can’t circumvent; nothing could be more discouraged than that.
  • The Attendant – on the off chance that you are somebody who fears going to the clinic, you can allow The Medical caretaker to deal with you. Being an unbelievable tracker, it’s challenging for you to get away from her, particularly when you are injured.

There are presently nine distinct killers, and this figure will probably increase if our future updates arrive. Be sure to stay vigilant for upcoming startling situations.

Dead by Daylight Mobile MOD APK

Play the game as different characters with varied backgrounds

In Dead by Daylight, players will find the characters in the game equally essential, with the survivors and the killers. Alongside, every one of them has its strengths and abilities. There’s unlimited potential for each player within the game:

  • Dwight Fairfield – he is a moderately simple person, to begin with, because of his eccentricities. Dwight can detect the nearby survivors, permitting him to accumulate with them handily. Furthermore, he’s likewise a decent pioneer by giving different individuals shifted buffs in the two battles and developments.
  • Meg Thomas – being a conceived competitor, she has all the abilities required to be the ideal survivor up-and-comer. Having Speedy and Very, Run Burst, and Adrenaline, Meg Thomas can permit you to rapidly get away from the pursuing adversaries and gather essential gear much quicker.
  • Claudette Morel – to support your group’s survivability, it’s fundamental that you have a doctor in the group. In this lost world, having a botanist will make finding robust plants that could recuperate your colleagues much simpler.
  • Jake Park – having moderate eccentricities, this man is the ideal survivalist you would need to have in your group. Iron Will, Quiet Soul, and Saboteur, this man is the perfect warrior to battle against the executioners.

Along with those mentioned above, there will be more than 13 characters in The Wild that you will have the option to explore, each with their unique abilities.


You are going to have each of your characters voiced by real actors. The sound effects and music sound fantastic, as players will feel they are part of the actions.


Dead by Daylight’s developers have done a great job bringing these scary and deadly environments to the screen. Gamers can immerse themselves in the scenes as they are surrounded by complex characters, disgusting atmospheres, and the like.

Final Thoughts

For real-game enthusiasts who want to forsake video and locate an experience they can never forget, Dead by Daylight boasts impressive activities that you won’t find elsewhere. Don’t forget, however, that you can play with others worldwide if you feel comfortable. You can also be the villain and track down the intense murderers.

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