Cyber Fighters MOD APK v1.11.68 (Unlimited Money/Gems)

Cyber Fighters MOD APK mixes high- and low-tech settings as players embark on a hack-and-slash journey. The 21st-century crime epic takes place in 2077, shortly after World War 3 is over, and it remakes the map by repartitioning North America. Then it separates the continent of the U.S. into five surrounding states: metropolitan Detroit. Short at the end of each deal, the city collapsed into disarray.

Additional Information

App Name Cyber Fighters MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 112 MB
Latest Version 1.11.70
Root Required No
Installs 1,000,000+ downloads
Required 5.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Update 1 day ago
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2100 was the approval of the anti-death penalty law. They were going to delete players from neighboring sections in Detroit. The audience increases the likelihood of survival, but they will be required to fight to prevent it. Detroit becomes the prison with the most considerable degree of solitude that you can escape from. Over time, the damaged city constrains the strain. They rebel against the prominent organization.

Detroit is a place in which your pride will be torn apart if you are unable to participate. Go to the systems in the citadel to get various cybernetic weapons. After that, explore opportunities to engage in combat encounters, learn new abilities, and upgrade them to prepare your character for unique duel modes. Martial arts has impressive graphics, funny character design, and significant visual effects to help fight. We can also play this game without needing to connect to the internet.

It offers you the enjoy the sensation of Fight action. Going deep to explore the Perform Fighters, players will also have the opportunity to experience a broader range of options. Perform Fights is the perfect kind of game for lovers of classic fighting and action games worldwide. You will not be disappointed by joining this game.


Cyber Fighters MOD APK is an online free stickman fighting game. It combines action, role-playing games (RPG), and fighting games. The game provides gamers with a sandwich experience between the realistic movement of actual fighting and the fantasy world of an RPG-type abrupt and frustrating game. You will be surprised to discover Cyber  Fighters is an offline cyberpunk game.

It doesn’t need the Internet to immerse players into a fantasy world and battle in epic fights. On your way, you have a choice among five fighters with various fighting styles and skills, depending on which Cyber  Warriors you unlock. You can select the Cyber  Officer Swordsman, The Punisher of God Thunder, Queen Bee Archer Assassin, Cyborg Senseless Killer, or The Deathly Shadow Panther.

Fans of action-adventure video games will be deeply immersed in For fans of stickman gameplay worldwide. The game includes a gigantic Cyberpunk world chock-full of VAT-fighting, state-of-the-art technology, cutting hand-to-hand combat, combating for survival, and many other remarkable experiences.

Cyber Fighters MOD APK


Do you want to plunge into the Cyberpunk universe with countless exciting hack-and-slash battles? If the answer is yes, get ready to dive into the exciting adventures of the Cyber  Fighters. In 2077, the third Cyber game came to an end, and it has redrawn the world map. It created five sections in North America, with Detroit as the meeting point. After a series of agreements between the states, the future of North America was thrown into a vast gray area.

In 2100, the National Anti-Death Penalty Law was signed. The government would deport all violent criminals from neighboring countries to the largest prison in Detroit. Prisoners will have a second chance to correct their mistakes, but they will have to fight for the opportunity. Detroit, the largest prison in the world, has now become a tourist destination. Visitors can freely enter the prison but have a hard time getting out.

Originally Detroit was known as a source of disorder. During this time, criminal forces communed and fought against each other to take control of this location. Now, everything in Detroit dictates how they will come to be. No one among us will permit this place to be used by these people. Cyber  Fighting is a groundbreaking RPG game for people with an attitude toward retro action video games and fighting games. By joining this game, you will undoubtedly be thrilled when you see yourself with many gang fights, cyber-armies, hacking and hacking battles, survival battles, and a more cyberpunk world than ever. Let’s get in on the action right away!

Cyber Fighters MOD APK Features

Recommended Alternative: Stickman Legends

Zitga Studio markets an updated version of the Stickman series that it created. The main ingredient of the gameplay is a single-player competitive element instead of staying passive throughout the run. This version includes players much more actively participating in battles with complex battles. This game of Stickman title is now known as Stickman Legends, and this version of Stickman with no end heralds that its name will attain a mythological level in this featured title. Although there has yet to be the day at which it is dreamed of, Stickman Legends has reached a historic place in gaming by changing the gameplay entirely and creating a game not similar to other Zitga Studios materials.

Cyber Fighters MOD APK

Stickman Legends is an enjoyable story. The main character is a courageous young boy striving to overthrow evil, bringing cheer and light to his homeland. The admissions process for the game is horizontal, and the game design is two-dimensional. The creators ran a 2D graphic development project but produced an almost first-class graphical vision. The game was created with high-quality picture sharpness and resolution.

The gameplay mechanics of Stickman Legends are very similar to the classic systems of a horizontal-screen action game. After passing each stage, players receive a more complex new location than the last. They divide the game into various difficulty levels, and players can only try to understand the content by decrypting it after completing the next difficulty level. Players swipe the character to the screen’s right and left and attacked the enemies that block its progress. In addition, the prompt is the capacity to fight, complemented by the momentum capacity to move. The game takes advantage of a fundamental battle basis next to the skill keys located under the character when their upgrade, so I went over them.

Overall Assessments

The winning development team officially decided on the wolf challenge in 2077. At the end of the World War, the pattern was altered. Some cities became ungoverned areas. This also increases criminal activity. Then you will need to go to this site to eliminate the hidden risks that may be encountered. Criminals and gangs have already gone through it, and we must remove them before an attack happens.

Cyber Fighters give action-packed motions that establish a bond between the combat. The game includes fiery effects that might be employed to boost your skill. Players have many actions available, but always remember the clock and have fun no matter the outcome. Once you’ve improved, the attributes will improve as well. Then, you can earn new dance moves, and your dancing capabilities will also increase.

Cyber Fighters MOD APK

Final Words

The terrific game Cyber Fighters is one of the grandest role-playing games in 2020. In addition to its present-day check-in, the game also has internet battles. In addition to confrontation, you can also go to war with other gamers precisely on time to find out who is more substantial. In addition, an enormous assortment of improved weapons can be modified to increase your attack power after purchase.

Many Easter eggs are hidden in the game that must be discovered on your own through the achievement system. The game is based on the style of Stickman Legends, composed of standard essential components and significant improvements. The quality and special effects do not happen in any game. The addition of cultivation of the type can change the form after interacting with your character. The PVP mode is more intense. There are settings for both casual players and expert players.

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