BombSquad MOD APK v1.7.13 (MOD, Unlocked)

The game of bombing has never been so thrilling and fun to play with BombSquad MOD APK. Here, gamers will find the opportunity to explore entertaining and stimulating aspects of bombing play as they delve into endless and challenging in-game challenges. Our Bomber’s fantastic pastime modes are loads of choices, exciting challenges, and never-ending gameplay.

Additional Information

App Name BombSquad MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 60 MB
Latest Version 1.7.12
Root Required No
Installs 50,000,000+ downloads
Required 5.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Eric Froemling
Update 1 day ago
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Take your characters and customize them in any manner that you want. Make the most of this exciting game in locations with distinctive and attractive settings for each map. Take advantage of different weapons hidden in other maps and utilize all the explosives that can be found. Burn down your enemies and send them flying through the roof with deadly explosives. Win your game as the last one standing.

Bombsquad titles cause shockwaves. Learn more about the expert designs from Eric Froemling through our review of this mobile title.


Since the Free Syrian Army is the main character in Gameloft’s action game, Android gamers will get the opportunity to experience an unfamiliar and refreshing feeling of a new strategy. Take control of the attractive fighter files and dive into the exciting and lively bombing challenges. Explore and experience the exciting ragdoll physics surrounding your characters to make them enthusiastic and dynamic.

Play the game in different modes, each with its gameplay elements and areas. Get into excellent bomb demolition challenges in distinctive maps with exciting setups. And take pleasure in all your explosive tools and buffs as you dive into the game. Enjoy the exciting bomb game with friends and online players from all over the world. Engage in stimulating and exciting bomb-busting blitzes assembled by your friends and other video game enthusiasts when you slip into the Bombsquad in Bombs. Socialize with your friends and appreciate thoroughly luxurious and pleasurable gameplay.

BombSquad MOD APK Features

You’ll find all the exciting features the game offers here.

Interesting-looking characters and oddly satisfying map setups

In our Bombsquad roofing services, android users will find the opportunity to experience a bit of Gallic culture through the soft and mellow art style with numerous unique characters and clay-Esque maps with all kinds of artistic creations. Go ahead and relish the dynamic computer game atmosphere when you’re here from Bombsquad.

BombSquad MOD APK

Useful buffs and abilities to exploit during the matches

Most importantly, every player in Bombsquad regularly enjoys the game in many different costumes and capabilities, each with its own unique and exciting applications. Please make the most of these features to throw the bomb at your enemies, swiftly avoid their bombs, use collectible items to unlock unique and fun party favors, and even unite with your friends in the demolition.

Simple and intuitive touch controls

Gamers playing Bombsquad will love the simple controls and addictive gameplay in the Android game, causing the initial gameplay to be highly intuitive for them. Amazingly improve your gaming skills with simple and intuitive virtual analog control. Ensure you understand the best ways to use your V controller to command your character around the field.

You can turn left, right, and up by pressing the four buttons on the right side of the screen and will be able to choose which button to attack your enemies or stay away from their bombs. You’ll also love the ragdoll physics as leading to amazingly responsive controls.

BombSquad MOD APK

Multiple game modes for you to enjoy

Bombsquad players will also explore the various exciting game modes to make the game more interesting.

  • Co-op – Start your ultimate bomber journey by joining your friends in the exciting co-op challenges, where you’ll find yourself taking on all kinds of engaging enemies through a series of epic in-game levels. Experience varied gameplay each time you find yourself in for a new challenge.
  • Team – For those interested, you can enjoy the exciting team battles in Bombsquad. Here, gamers can quickly form their team with friends and other random gamers. Join forces as you take on other players from all over the world. Compete in different game setups and have fun all the way.
  • Free-for-All – In addition, if you wish to play alone, it’s always nice to join the Free-for-All mode and have fun while blowing up other gamers.
BombSquad MOD APK

Enjoy engaging mini-games with brilliant setups.

Those interested in video games in Bombsquad will stumble upon the amiable and fun mini-games with sophisticated environments.

  • Capture the Flag – Start your ultimate bombing challenge by experiencing the traditional gameplay of capturing the flag. Here, the two sides will battle while aiming for the ultimate goal: to retrieve the flag from the other team and protect your own.
  • Keep Away – For some hilarious actions, you can always enjoy the exciting Keep Away gameplay with other gamers. Stay away from the bomb holder as you avoid your fate of being blown up.
  • Onslaught – Dive into a series of endless battles against the approaching enemies. Take the game to the extreme as you and your bombing squad go against endless waves of enemies.
  • King of the Hill – Fly on the skies and deliver your brilliant bomb attack in this side-scrolling gameplay, where you’ll enjoy the more refreshing and unique gameplay of Bombsquad.
  • Football and Hockey – If you love sports and want to dive into exciting athlete battles, you can always have fun in the two interesting game modes. Play your favorite sports with friends while looking to blow up your opponents during the process

Free to play

One can’t help but be amazed to find how various the features found in Bombsquad are for free to install on your mobile device. However, it’s straightforward to download and install the app for free from the Google Play store.

Complete specific objectives and achievements for special rewards

In addition, both Bomber Squadron players and Bomber players will find that they’ll gain access to a few fun in-game goals and achievements, which they can also earn once particular objectives have been achieved. Complete these challenges and acquire these prizes, making it easier for you to get items and trophies.

Watch enjoyable Bombsquad matchups right inside the game.

To make the game more fun, those playing in Bomb Squad can also enjoy numerous exciting videos that the expert players themselves share from the video game itself. Feel free to watch live matches, highlights, and discussions at your leisure. Discover how you can improve your techniques and enjoy the game in a new way with the option to watch available videos.

Feel free to customize your characters and other in-game elements

And for those who’d like to, you can select an assortment of customization options to apply to your characters and other video game elements within the game. By picking from an array of character profiles, you can choose your distinctive eye, hair colors, outfit, and magic formula settings. It’s possible to select your preferred game modes, the particular play modes you wish to try out, and even customize the kind of music that is played on the consoles. Viable customization options make this one of the very best game consoles.

Connect with your friends and secure your progress

And to make assembling your team of ultimate bomb squads easier, the game lets you sync it with your social media accounts. That way, you can find any of your fellow gamers who are also playing this game and add them to your team seamlessly. Form your team and play together in these mind-blowing bomb challenges. Your online world will unite as you enjoy the game.

BombSquad MOD APK

Enjoy unlocked gameplay with our mod.

And for those of you who find the videos and in-game purchases pretty annoying, it would always be possible for you to frolic Bombsquad with our completely unlockable version of the game. You have to download and install the Bombsquad Mod APK file from our website, follow the provided instructions, and you’re good to go. Feel free to have fun by playing the game.


For those interested, gamers in Bombsquad will also have access to powerful and impactful sound experiences that will send you straight into the games. Customizable music on different levels is just one of the remarkable things that Bombsquad features, so it’s great to be able to switch the songs at any time.


Although the graphics aren’t as high-quality as those in other games, Bombsquad still manages to enthrall players thanks to its off-the-wall retro chip-and-asphalt graphics and ragdoll physics. Devote some time to deeply immerse yourself in the game as you explore the dynamic and comical illustrations, and then discover just how entertaining the game is thanks to its chip-and-asphalt graphics.

Final Thoughts

Bomber Friends lovers and other fans of similar games on our site will find Bombsquad entertaining and hilarious, especially when they’re playing it on maximum graphics with unlocked mode on our site. It’s hard to find another game like this one that’s both fun and entertaining, especially on your mobile device.

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