Blocky Cars MOD APK v8.3.7 (Unlimited Money)

Get ready for several great puzzles and highly enriching activities in the world of Blocky Cars MOD APK. Feel as if you’re not just driving and racing but flying and fighting with your massive monster machines. Stop wasting time and head straight into a world made from the pixelated graphics of blocky components as you create your monsters and masterfully traverse through mazes.

Additional Information

App Name Blocky Cars MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 104 MB
Latest Version 8.3.7
Root Required No
Installs 10,000,000+ downloads
Required 4.4 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Shooting games for everyone
Update 1 day ago
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Demonstrate your amazing inventions to your fellow players, use them to conquer obstacles of all sizes, and make the most of the elevated functionalities of your weapons as you fight. Study your many building and piloting strategies as you take yourself and your creations to epic battles against similarly sized adversaries. Optimize your products’ speed, power, and maneuverability as you use their heightened talents to outwit and outperform your enemies. Make the most of your in-depth and exciting builder experiments as you try out new components and weapon options while conquering unique challenges.

Discover this fun cellular game of Blocky Cars with our specialists’ opinions.


From the Universe of Blocky Vehicles, everything is feasible as you may freely craft your spectacular machines from blocky scraps of all kinds. Feel free to expand your creative imagination to the most specific limits and invent marvelous models of Blocky Vehicles. Explore the fantastic universe of action and gameplay whenever you wish to. Start playing the game by tackling the endless story challenges, one by one, as you slowly learn the fundamentals of the game and discover many exciting in-game capabilities. At the same time, you can also engage in the exciting online gameplay of Blocky Cars, which brings many epic fights. Join friends and online players worldwide as you take on epic battles and addictive in-game activities.

Blocky Cars MOD APK Features

The game offers a variety of features.

Simple and accessible in-game controls

Initially, Blocky Cars players will quickly become more familiar with the game’s controls, making it much easier for you to work on a few of the game’s elements effortlessly. Be sure to have tons of fun crafting your on-screen designs with user-friendly controls, as it will allow you to create your buildings and customizations swiftly. Additionally, have fun with the role-playing scene by using easily accessible commands.

Blocky Cars MOD APK

Freely craft your fighting beasts.

For those of you looking for an excellent storytelling game, Blocky Cars have quite a bit of preoccupying you. Only block parts you have not used before can be acquired through the pre-made parts you get from the IAP actions, given that you can pay for them with the game money. Try out the numerous item combinations to cultivate a unique layout for your car, ensuring you have all the options of blocks you would want to use. Additionally, use multiple modern elements and parts to operate your automobiles, robots, and other war machines. Use many creative editing possibilities in Blocky Cars as you enable cool creations for your devices.

Fantastic choices of pre-created war machines

Blocked Cars game developers ensure that the fantastic in-game experiences available to Android gamers do not turn ravaged due to lack of excitement. It provides several ready-made units that are ready for you to purchase straight from the game. Pick out the impressive, exciting tanks, breathtaking airplanes, thoroughly equipped robots, and other weapon units as you introduce them to the exciting battles.

Blocky Cars MOD APK

Take on dozens of offline levels.

By guiding you through the gameplay and allowing you to enjoy the addictive action of video game action, Blocky Cars will offer gamers a variety of interesting levels of game content, which range from permissive to exciting, for endless entertainment. And at the same time, as the game progresses, the difficulty intensifies so that accessing the content stories you want to enjoy continuously is as simple as can be.

Start your online gameplay with the classic Deathmatch.

If you want to know more, you can share your impressive array of weapon choices in comprehensive and global gameplay in Blocky Cars here. This exciting online game is full of game rules that will enable you to set up all kinds of wicked fight experiences as you ship your War Machine needs. Get ready to enjoy lots of exciting one-on-one duels as you battle to preserve your supreme War Machine!

Enjoy the tactical Capture the Flag matchups

Those who like these cars may also find a great deal in Blocky Cars, among which you will discover the distinctive components of the game Capture the Flag. In this game, your team will have to do its best to outsmart the opponent using their tactics and work as a group to achieve the goal. Protect your flag and try to capture your enemies’ flag to win this fun game.

Blocky Cars MOD APK

Have fun with addictive monster races

In addition to battling and building, you can now delight in the many worlds of Blocky Cars with the exciting playing of frantic racing. Go ahead, select among your swiftest autos, and press the accelerator as you start in funny and exciting difficulties across the country. Use intuitive vehicle controls to accelerate your automobile and add additional zing to your movements. As expected, the more cars and items you gather, the more activity and fun you’ll have exploring Blocky Cars.

Addictive FPS game mode to enjoy

Fans of action-packed video games will get pleasure from Blocky Cars, as the game now features its engaging FPS game mode. You may even discover different firearms and arm them on your vehicles and robots, which will undoubtedly enhance the game’s first-person shooter challenges. Control your giant mechas to participate in addictive FPS challenges. Those should allow you to get the greatest out of the game.

Freely customize your characters.

Blocky Cars’ online players can now make their characters look more striking, thanks to adding the personalization feature to the game. Feel free to select as many as you like among many different costumes and outfits with various looks and themes. On top of that, you can experiment with the great armor and super cool guns you’ll only find in the game that will fire up your robots and enhance their cry mechanic movements.

Blocky Cars MOD APK

Have fun with the addictive multiplayer challenges

To ensure maximum enjoyment for Android users while playing Blocky Cars, the platform will allow up to 8 different players to work with one another on a single map. And here, players can freely access the chat channel and participate in group events in our casino.gameTM is esteemed and communicate through text. Discover the game’s different maps and have fun inventing new possibilities each time.

Explore the classic pixel game styles

Fans of classic pixelated games will undoubtedly find Blocky Cars being an excellent mobile game for you to play. You can freely enjoy the fantastic pixelated maps with many elaborate details and 3D maps. At the same time, you can also have fun with several futuristic elements, which will make Blocky Cars much more enjoyable.

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Blocky Cars MOD APK

Free to play

For those who need to interact with the game’s features without making a purchase, the game’s code is free for you to download. Go to the Play Store, whichever device you want to access the game, click on the Blocky Cars app, and enjoy. But if you explore the gameplay in Blocky Cars more deeply, you can also consume in-game products.

Sound & Music

Blocky Cars also involves playing dynamic, well-loved soundtracks so that the game players may remain engrossed in this experience. You will be allowed to collaborate remotely with the game’s sounds to create an unforgettable audiovisual experience.


Enjoy playing the cops ‘n’ robbers-inspired game Blocky Cars and see the pixelated graphics that recall simpler versions of this decades-old weapon. Have fun interacting with the game’s various components, which will stimulate your imagination. Get engrossed in the intense battles created by using the delightful sound effects. And you’ll love the addictive gameplay of Blocky Cars, thanks to the use of various special blocky characters.

Final Thoughts

Car racing video game with numerous fun gameplay features, addictive gameplay modes, stunning graphics, and exciting sound capabilities, Blocky Cars is a game that virtual currency gamers must experience. And there are also many cost-free and free downloadable variations of Blocky Cars available so that you’ll not have any excuses not to start playing it.

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