Stickman Ghost 2 MOD APK v7.5.1 (MOD, unlimited money)

The League of Stickman is now back alive with this new mobile title from Unimog. Here in Stickman Ghost 2 MOD APK, Sony gamers will have the chance to take on epic stickman fighting challenges and complete their ultimate quests of defeating the evils. Have fun fighting against advanced space enemies with innovative ideas and game mechanics.

Additional Information

App Name Stickman Ghost 2 MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 103 MB
Latest Version 7.5.1
Root Required No
Installs 5,000,000+ downloads
Required 4.4 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Update 1 day ago
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Whatever your objectives, you’ll find an abundance of possibilities in the fighting and action-adventure games in the app. Discover an exciting collection of scenes and unforgettable experiences that can transform the way to play a game for the better. So, you’re probably in for many beautiful shocks with a new combination of animated fight and stick gaming.

Discover more about this fun video game from Unimog, including a list of positive and negative aspects.


Here in Stickman Ghost 2 MOD APK, Android gamers will begin their in-game excursion as the fascinating apparition champion. Without face or structure, yet having numerous incredible abilities and capacities, you’ll be a definitive ninja fighter that can overcome the space foes that are taking steps to consume the world as far as we might be concerned.

Take on incredible fights with a great many various competitors, each having their scary abilities. Partake in the vivid battles with swarmed foes, dynamic activities, and lovely and powerful ability moves, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Have a great time battling against your foes in the deep space as you challenge the one-of-a-kind rivals. Take on adversaries from various classes and raise powers in the habit-forming in-game difficulties. Open your intriguing protective fights to fence off the foes continually. Or on the other hand, they take on vast attacks to overcome their opponents and continue toward new difficulties.

Also, our stickman won’t be distant from everyone else in this legendary battle against the adversaries. There will be numerous spaceships and pets that will help our stickman in his actual fights. Go ahead and make utilization of their expressive powers to bring down your foes and advance through the excursions.

Stickman Ghost 2 MOD APK Features

The game offers numerous entertaining features.

Challenge online opponents in the global leaderboard

And for those curious, you can now directly compete against friends and online gamers in the global leaderboards. Demonstrate your skills and tactical knowledge in each fight to raise the leaderboards. Earn your bragging rights and countless special awards by getting to the top over others.

Stickman Ghost 2 MOD APK

Have fun with the epic online battles

Gamers can now sign in with their social network accounts or with 3rd parties to enjoy simplified multiplayer online battles (POVs), which are tons of exciting fun. Play with other players through the dynamic Battle Arena Online and have fun playing the engaging game.

Complete exciting quests and missions

With the various entertaining and exploration-oriented paid battles offered on Android devices, all the way to players flummoxed with different incentives of the PvE environment, you can obtain some new mastery over characters with each of these daily quests and missions. Feel free to explore all of the game’s primary goals in their new difficulties and challenges as you embark on various long journeys and daily assignments.

Power up your hero with the skill tree

Players can also level up their character through battles and earn experience points. With raises, players can perform better stats and valuable skill points, which can be used for upgrading their skills tree. Feel free to work on multiple skills and take different paths to enhance your character.

Stickman Ghost 2 MOD APK

Have your pets and spaceship assisting you during battles

To enhance the excitement level, games published by Unimob also use many strategy elements, allowing Android users to make the most of the game. Now, you can collect a variety of powerful pets and spacecraft to assist you in your epic battles against your enemies. My battles allow you to command your armies and directly engage in fighting against those of the enemies.

Multiple skins to bestow new powers on your character

For those who enjoy the game, you can now get your hands on the exciting Stickman Ghost 2 gameplay and have fun with a wide range of skin options on offer, as they not just change the color of the main character but also improve their abilities. Feel free to work on these adept skins to give our ninja mighty powers and use them against the fearsome stickman ghost.

Stickman Ghost 2 MOD APK

Interesting items with upgrade options

Here in Stickman Phantom 2, Android gamers can have some good times finding an immense assortment of fascinating in-game things which will permit them to drive up their characters openly. Open your skirmish weapons to empower your nearby fights with the foes.

Or on the other hand, make utilization of your weapons and cannons to challenge the propelling foes from distances. Additionally, have valuable devices to work on your safeguards against the various competitors or empower numerous novel advantages that will assist you with the game. With more than 100 unique things to work with, you can continuously observe the game to be charming.

A fantastic story mode to indulge into

For those who like RPG games, you now have the chance to fully immerse yourself in the engaging story of unfolding story mode through the one hundred different game levels, each catering to its particular challenges and exciting gameplay. On top of that, with the exciting progression of actions, you can never experience dull levels.

Stickman Ghost 2 MOD APK

Simple and highly entertaining gameplay

Here in Stickman Phantom 2, Android gamers will get opportunities to rapidly partake in the engaging interactivity of activities on account of the primary and natural touch controls. Here, you are allowed to move your characters around the 2D guide utilizing the unique, simple, and helpful touch buttons. Make speedy combos and execute your expertise goes after impeccably by effectively consolidating the touch controls in Stickman Ghost 2 MOD APK.

Also, simultaneously, the excellent ongoing interaction of hack and cut, alongside the remarkable 2D shooter mechanics, will permit you to partake in the in-game activities. Wind up immediately participating in the in-game levels and messing with the engaging portable title.

Free to play

You can enjoy all the mind-blowing features of the game without ever having to part with any money on your Android device. The utterly blank adventure and actions in the mobile game will give you much to enjoy for free.

Stickman Ghost 2 MOD APK

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Sound & Music

The game offers highly engaging sound effects and soundtracks, which enable most video game players to immerse themselves in the fantastic gameplay of mobile adventure fully. Have fun uncovering your memorable in-game adventures and make the most of the in-game experiences with impressive sounds.


In Stickman Ghost 2, Android gamers can enjoy working with beautiful graphics and high-definition images. At the same time, the immersive visual effects and relatable in-game animations will make them always want to see and participate. Plus, because the controls are simple and natural, you can enjoy stimulating gameplay on any of your devices.

Stickman Ghost 2 MOD APK

Final Thoughts

Get all set to savor the enjoyable mobile game title of Stickman Ghost 2 with your shadow stickman actions. In addition, learn more about such sensible elements of ghost stickman approaches to see how they will enhance your enjoyment. And finally, having the freedom to play free and unlocking Stickman Ghost 2 MOD APK, you’ll have the gameplay of full advantage.

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