Stickfight Infinity MOD APK v1.54 (Unlimited Money)

Stickfight Infinity MOD APK is an action-adventure game in which you control the stickman’s expedition in the game. Each level of the game presents an entirely different environment for the player. The game has foreign enemies, and you must overcome them all before you can proceed to the next level. Although you can download it on our website, you will have to beat certain enemies to unlock the next level.

Additional Information

App Name Stickfight Infinity MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 63 MB
Latest Version 1.54
Root Required No
Installs 10,000,000+ downloads
Required 5.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Update 1 day ago
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From Stickfight 2.0 1 of Survival’s creator, the 2.0 version has arrived. Stick fight Infinity MOD APK is a fighting game that’s based on physics. Stick fight Infinity will provide you with the most extraordinary experience with a new game mode. Stick fight Infinity belongs to the category of multiplayer fighting games with a delightful game style. In Stickfight Infinity, you will be in charge of the protagonist, who comprises the main character Stick fight.

The adventure game Stickfight Infinity features cutting-edge physics and 80 highly interactive levels with various weapons to give players exciting entertainment moments with friends. The game is straightforward to set up and needs no special hardware. The image quality is crisp, but the color saturation and audio compression are poor. Key your fighting character was employing either the directional or the touch screen.


In Stickfight Infinity, players can select from two to four players using either the multiplayer or internal options of the game. Furthermore, the game does not come with solo possibilities. The game operates very smoothly; the W, A, S, and D keys or the arrow keys can be used to control the speed of your weapon and character movement, and you can use your mouse to fire or hordes right-click to attack.

You can participate in Stickfight Infinity as a ninja and take revenge against hundreds of assailants and powerful commanders. Stickfight Infinity has also placed a series of entertainment areas based on distinct gaming settings. For example, you can choose the ice or rocky landscape with the Ice Table, which is ideal for skills such as sliding and taking out enemies with knives or crushing them with guns.

Stickfight Infinity MOD APK Features


Stickfight Infinity is an entertaining battle stickman shooting video game. In the game, users control their stickman and handle their guns if they have a weapon. The game has many modes: frozen opponents, protective shields, blood bags, and other props for gamers to enjoy. You will experience a specifically enjoyable arcade game. Stickfight Infinity is a highly anticipated, action-packed fighting game based on engulfing physics. These include some fundamental aspects of classic stickman games, so you’ll please other stick jog fighting in the boxing ring. It intends to impose a realistic, physical experience by transporting you to actual combat. The game supports multiplayer for even greater enjoyment.

Fight in a fierce and refreshing game mode against a thrilling new arena with a brutal fight. There are many different types of weapons to choose from. You will employ other tactics to give the opponent a beating. The game is not done until one has been completely leaping over. In the video game, players can choose their weapons, such as spears, swords, and iron fists. Use many different fighting attributes to knock down the opponent. Apart from that, players can choose a beloved stickman fighting style to have a life-and-death duel with their character. Then, use the knurled skills of several weapons to attack the opponent in any way you find appropriate. The game allows you to function wirelessly. The game is full of action and permits players to feel the excitement of hand-to-hand fights.

Stickfight Infinity MOD APK

Recommended Alternative: Stick Fight: The Game Mobile

StickFight  The Game free is a free sport prepared by NetEase. It is presently contained in the undergoing method on the Android operating system. Stick Fight  The Game free is exceptionally well-known when it allows players to function as fascinating characters. The mobile phone edition has been released by NetEase and is presently providing a free-of-charge tryout for all consumers. The game’s unpredictability is intended to simulate the feeling of fundamental physics. Strong Points of Stick Fight (The Game Mobile) is its timeless idea of real physics predicated on a stickman ambiance, thereby giving gamers an enjoyment of the game.

The gameplay is simple after players have navigated the combat character with the directing of several different sorts of tools. The goal is to kill all opponents to finish the play and win. There is no cease to your run in the game when different players can likewise use a grenade launcher to kill their opponent.

Stickfight Infinity MOD APK v1.54 (Unlimited Money)


Stickfight Infinity is a board game inspired by the fireman artwork motif, so it’s a horizontal mobile fight game with a board game motif. The video game employs the game’s narrative to enhance the deception. The gamemaster designs the game by using the game’s physical elements to solve various copy challenges. Following the physics theory, the game player can control the game environment.

Stickfight Infinity applies various overarching fighting skills to round up strong opponents. If there’s the last occasion, we can operate under the rules of physics. You can observe many personal skills and use firearms to perform accurate and accurate attacks on adversaries. Then consume as much equipment and weapons as possible.

With new customs clearance procedures, you can enjoy mobile game competitions and revel in intense boxing. Stickfight Infinity fully complies with the laws of physics. For example, the boxing posture this works effectively. The video game also features exciting combat, allowing you to appreciate endless fingertip combat. We have added up to 18 different weapons and are operating them as before.

Stickfight Infinity MOD APK v1.54 (Unlimited Money)

Final Words

In Stickfight Infinity MOD APK, you have to defeat your opponents with your weaponry and things instead of fighting them with your own hands and sharp objects. If the opponent begins with weapons, there is no need to resist only from the opposite side actively. You can only attack, bounce, and handle arrow keys. This operation is based on a very straightforward principle: There is no focus on your target and no intention to shoot on the target.

Two or four participants duel in individual combat, supporting one another and only attacking as needed. Weapons and equipment were scattered, including sniper rifles, spray guns, and other weapons and gear. Stickfight Infinity players can use the Stickfight Infinity discount program to receive discounts for the game. Stickfight Infinity recommends the Stickfight Infinity app for enjoyable gaming on mobile devices. We enthusiastically recommend the Stickfight Infinity application.

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