Rope Hero Vice Town MOD APK v6.4.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Have fun with our friendly Rope Hero Vice Town MOD APK throughout his adventures throughout the city of Vice Town, where you will help the threatened citizens from the wrongdoing of the ruthless mobs and criminals who roam throughout the town and impede the police. Use the particular capabilities of your unique rope to jump around the area and from the towers. Operate novel abilities to make the experience much more interesting as you go along.

Additional Information

App Name Rope Hero Vice Town MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 107 MB
Latest Version 6.4.0
Root Required No
Installs 100,000,000+ downloads
Required 5.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Naxeex Ltd
Update 1 day ago
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Some of us seek to live a fantastic existence, but we figure that the powers we desire for our story don’t exist in real life. So, it makes more sense to retreat and play a sudden role-playing game to enjoy life as an enjoyable hero. This game is a new release from Naxeex, specifically for Android smartphone users, allowing users the chance to fight criminals to save the city by doing this as an exciting superhero.

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Here in Rope Hero  Vice Town, gamers can take control of their android hero with the impressive capability of their rope, whether they want to choose a specific target or be reassigned by the customer. Then, they could relax and fly around the city through the air by swinging the rope or launch an assault on their adversaries by shooting shots tethered to the cord. And during their adventures, they may additionally be able to unlock knot mystery, a complex system of knots that can be modified depending on the customer’s preferences.

The game takes place in a chaotic runaway town where unlawful rules over law and order compel our protagonist to embark on his quests to do away with the destructive elements of town. Combats incapacitate violent adversaries with many different missions, taking you through alien escapades and addictive actions. It seems to work; take on the new challenges and download helpful further information.

Rope Hero: Vice Town MOD APK Features

Free the city from crimes by becoming its hero

For those who are curious, you now have the opportunity to free the excellent Vice Town from its gangsters by becoming the superhero that is everybody’s dream of becoming a fantasy. Do great wonders with your miraculous powers to go against the authorities in a compelling storyline and great missions. Unlock exciting adventures and get involved in the intriguing storyline that pulls you in all along the exciting journey. Defeat the villains and secure the population to increase fame and prestige. As you advance throughout the game, unlock more exciting gameplay with new and challenging challenges. Be mindful not to become bored of the escalating gameplay of Rope Hero: Vice Town.

Rope Hero: Vice Town MOD APK

Indulge yourself in excellent in-game actions

On its own, Android players can already instantly participate in gameplay by actively fighting together with Rope Hero Vice Town through its easy and friendly to utilize touch screen controls, which will make all of the gameplay actions and shooter adventures fun and enjoyable. In the ideal situation, enjoy this struggle with one another with hand-to-hand combats using or fighting with many dynamic melee weapons.

Various weapons with different powers

Since many action games take place in real time, players will have access to various weaponry during the game, which they can easily pick from and dispatch to their enemies. Take as much time as you want to unlock your hunting, machine, sniper, or rocket launchers to make your attacks. If you are interested, the game features a broad range of sci-fi weapons, which will undoubtedly make the actions even more thrilling for you. In addition to a wide range of ammunition on offer to players, in-game weapons will always be fascinating to work with.

Feel free to pick up the freezer gun to freeze your opponents for a while, including robots, cars, or even tanks. Try out the super fun flamethrower guns that impact anything with just a single blast, and have fun working with your excellent gravity gun that will pull in all these enemies. Or even make them all jig for you by using the Dance Gun, which is essentially insane to them.

Rope Hero Vice Town MOD APK

Make use of your superpowers and unlock new ones.

You can play with the rope’s various applications and invent and use new abilities. You will also have a variety of more potent powers, which will have the ability to help you endure more considerable challenges. Have your rockets handy, so you can freely travel long distances with a solitary rocket. Don’t be shocked when you fly over nearby areas and harm any nearby enemies with your shockwaves. And likewise, make many improvements to boost your existing superpowers.

Attractive vehicles to roam the city

As a game becomes increasingly more enjoyable to play, Android users can now enjoy the city in various ways, examining the multiple cars, tanks, and helicopters included in the game in real time. Take part in your tanks or SUV, and when you’re ready to go further, please find a helicopter to take you across the city. Have as much fun as you like, getting behind the wheel of your vehicle or hopping in your tank. Now, if you go on a chopper, you can travel to whichever part of Holland you’re most interested in.

Rope Hero Vice Town MOD APK

Many unique gadgets to work with

Here you can become a Robo Hero in Rope Hero Vice Town, as you can freely move around the city on various gadgets that will make your hero’s job much more exciting and equally convenient. Feel free to use the skateboard so you can easily freely move around the streets, even with unique corners that can be navigated with your car. Have fun piloting the flight, which is perfect for all kinds of multitasking. If you would like your photos from the game, there is an included selfie stick, which is something you don’t see with other games.

Freely discover the city on your way.

To make the playing experience rather fun, Vice Town offers gamers the opportunity to hop straight into all unlockable missions, which are made available for everyone in the game world. As such, you can personally explore the environment how you want instead of working to accomplish particular game goals. Have fun with your cars, messing with the multiple ramps before them. Find the hotspots in the city and look around for exciting jackpots. When you get tired of being a hero, simply walk around and start shooting.

Rope Hero Vice Town MOD APK

Sound & Music

Along with the immersive gameplay and visuals, Rope Hero Vice Town also promotes the actions of the times by providing many appealing audio tracks and sound effects for Android gamers. As a result, you will always find yourself entirely hooked on the gameplay while protecting the town and its inhabitants in the video game.


With powerful and straightforward 3D graphics, Naxeex has offered Android users an exciting opportunity to immerse themselves in an adventurous world via an interactive world adventure game filled with interesting in-game components. The efficiently designed style ensures that the gameplay can be navigated anywhere on any android device. Have fun playing the heroic actions and enjoy the exciting fighting events as much as you like.

Enjoy the unlocked gameplay on our website.

Moreover, we support our game, Rope Hero  Vice Town, for accessibility with a modest prize, which includes additional in-game content that we provide on our website. Here, you can get all in-game purchases for free, have all the ads taken out, and access the unlocked gameplay at your leisure. You must download the Rope Hero  Vice Town Mod APK from our website and upload it onto your device.

Free to play

If you’re in the mood, you will be able to have the chance to play the title of Rope Hero Vice Town on your Android unit at no cost. While it’s still a freemium summons, it may become a little bothersome, but it can force advertisements and in-app transactions.

Rope Hero Vice Town MOD APK

Enjoy the offline gameplay whenever you want

To make the video game more accessible, the game company made Rope Hero Vice Metropolis accessible to its offline match. Now, you can enjoy all the exciting functions you desire without ever needing to go online or spend your mobile device’s data.

Final Thoughts

Please wear your blue superhero costume and become the hero of Vice Town as you assist our ropes hero in his expeditions against the nefarious forces and raise the well-being of our citizens. With its enthralling tales and intense in-game action, Rope Hero: Vice Town of exhilarating delights and incredible gaming aspects will ensure you’ll never stop experiencing joy from any choice you make in your activities.

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