Reporter 2 MOD APK v1.04.02 (Unlimited Money)

Friend of the famous mobile title Reporter now has the supremely effective sequel of Reporter 2 MOD APK, which brings portable players into a brand-new adventure with the reporter in the thrilling quest to uncover the secrets of the sinister hospital. Uncover the dark history of the place while attempting to survive the countless horrors encountered in the game.

Additional Information

App Name Reporter 2 MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 461 MB
Latest Version 1.04.02
Root Required No
Installs 100,000+ downloads
Required 5.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Update 1 day ago
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Be ready to be transfixed by this mobile hit title, Reporter 2. Gamers will be given access to the excellent in-game mechanics of challenging horror actions, brilliant puzzles, and many exciting stories. This will keep you trapped throughout the game. Enjoy the compelling messages and experience excellent mechanics whenever you’re free.

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The great horror game that the reporter 2 Masonic Corporation has released is similar to an abbot’s edition. This fantastic game has cutting-edge features and exciting developments to keep you hooked on the adventures. You can also embark on a scary experience. Here, mobile gamers will play as reporters who wake up in a strange hospital. With your memories becoming blurry and a strange voice calling out for you, you know that there are mysteries that have to be uncovered. At the same time, the multitude of nightmares haunting you and counting down your seven days in the hospital complicate things. You know that you have to find a way to overcome all of the challenges ahead.

Enjoy a liberating experience as you engage in scary simulation and puzzle gameplay, exploring a haunted hospital and thoroughly immersing yourself in its environment. Access the various extraordinary adventures with intriguing games and exciting investigations as you progress through the stories. Follow along with the intrigues and unveil the mystery as you go on.

Reporter 2 MOD APK Features

The game has several unique features to offer you.

Enjoy the scary atmosphere.

With the terrifying atmosphere of the game, News 2 players can always find themselves with their hearts wholly captured. Have fun playing an engaging mobile game while enjoying the aesthetically striking out-of-hospital settings. Fantastic soundtracks and astonishing sound effects always enhance the game. But more importantly, the clever scares keep users thoroughly amazed.

Reporter 2 MOD APK

Interesting puzzles for you to solve

Throughout the game, journalist two gamers will frequently locate themselves enjoying exciting puzzles, which are all exquisitely designed and integrated into your in-game progress. Therefore, you will have more fun playing the puzzle-solving game while exploring the immersive stories. Find delight in relishing in the fast puzzle game every time you’re in the game. With thoroughly planned and excellent flourishes, the puzzles in the game are designed by experts.

Simple controls and varying in-game interactions

Here in Android’s reporter 2, Android players will have no issues enjoying the touch-friendly controls and fluid in-game interactions, allowing them to comfortably and freely explore the game’s various universes. Play the many role-playing games and explore the mysterious hospital using your touch-friendly movements and intuitive interactions. Select and interact with any object.

Reporter 2 MOD APK

Experience the awesome investigations

If you’re intrigued, you can now play games in real time with Reporter 2, which will allow you to have many exciting experiences while playing games. Devote yourself to experiencing and understanding the significant assignments and exciting consignments in the terrifying and weird medical facility.

Many different monsters to avoid

The horror game includes numerous different sorts of evil, malicious monsters that will, without a doubt, kill you if you’re not careful. So, make sure you very carefully assess the options and stay hidden or concealed from the different individual frightening monsters that are out to get you. With varying mechanics of hunting, you can find several approaches to how you have to manage these critters.

Interesting stories to follow

With the various stories within each up-to-date content, puppy players will always have a lot to keep them entertained. With many good times the whole group can have together puzzling up the stories, you’ll have a new adventure to delight in with your Reporter 2 game. Continue speculating through the exciting levels to stay perfectly happy with your present game.

Reporter 2 MOD APK

Available in different languages

With so many language settings available in Reporter 2, you’ll have no trouble playing the game in your ideal language. Select your preferred options and get tuned in to the game in no time.

Enjoy the offline game on the go.

The upcoming update to the gaming game will offer offline features to make the game more convenient for customers. This allows you to enjoy the game and bring many of your favorite features to wherever you are without needing to connect to the internet. The story and writing will be fully preserved for you and your teammates regardless of where you are. You don’t need to feel guilty about restricting your mobile data or finding an open wifi network.

Have access to the free game using our mod

You will have to pay for it on a mobile phone to download it for free on the Google Play Store. Thus, if you are curious about it, you can download the free version of the game from our website and enjoy it on a mobile device without any problems, including all paid features. You need to download it from our site, and it will be ready.


Reporter 2 has a setting that serves as the perfect setting for people who like to immerse themselves in a frightening environment and delight in the many exciting adventures that the game provides. The video game surpasses many others with its many brilliant visual effects, fantastic animations, and outstanding visual designs. Player 2 has complete control over the game’s user interface quality. Go to the advanced menu and alter the settings for the replay, or choose to boost the graphic quality for details that’ll last longer during the game. Concentrate on the options you deem significant.

Sound & Music

In Reporter 2, Android gamers can enjoy unique sound effects and exciting soundtracks. Always find your temperature rising by only a few degrees and almost jumping out of your chest, thanks to the well-implemented audio elements in the game. We recommend you wear headphones to improve your gaming experience further.

Reporter 2 MOD APK

Final Thoughts

Fantastically intense game elements and intriguing experiences will ensure you take part in virtual reality games on your smartphone. By getting into virtual reality games, you can discover your courage and grow physical and intuitive skills as you perform.

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