Pushem all MOD APK v1.40 (MOD, Unlimited Coins)

In any case, you have the opportunity to play another game similar to it: Crowd City. Have you, however, come across some titles that are way more fun than Crowd City and worthy of your attention? Pushem all MOD APK was the first video game created by VOODOO, and it’s been a favorite ever since. The game is all about pushing whoever you encounter on your way to the finish line, and the goal is to win the game. Do you see the finish line or want to move other things aside? The choice is yours! Play how you’d like because this game plays itself.

Additional Information

App Name Pushem all MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 82 MB
Latest Version 1.40
Root Required No
Installs 50,000,000+ downloads
Required 5.1 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Update 1 day ago
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If you are tired of cooking, growing, fighting, and other games but still want to get off your chair and do something fun to relax your mind, what options are there? Rest assured, a broad selection of games can help you relax. Have you been the recipient of the rumor that Crowd City is a popular game whose surprising voracity has twisted hordes of players into a frenzied social condition?

Adventurers only need a stable mobile device, and the game, while unfolding, is filled with excitement. Would you like to learn more about what a fascinating journey the game takes you on? I m ready to guide you!


Push them doesn’t have a narrative. Instead, once players step into the game, they are taught how best to control the character. You will enjoy sliding your finger across the display in the broad line to stay in the game, much like your character will be pushing your adversaries. Reaching your end destination is okay if you want to make only one side of the display.

Trust me when I say it is an easy game because it is. All you have to do in1234y stems from the game is to guide your protagonist from beginning to end, and you’re fine. Of course, if you make one leap, there are others. But it won’t be a problem because you can get accustomed to it if you play it more. As you read about it, will you attempt to play it now?

Pushem all MOD APK



Each standard level has three areas for you to destroy. Your character will use a long and large item over the rails to attack your opponents and collect coins. Round levels differ from one another, and you shouldn’t feel as if the game will end. The last group of each round has only one zone, but there are three waves, and each of them has a lot of enemies waiting for you to overwhelm. While playing, players can collect boosters by quickening game progression. The higher levels you progress through, the more obstacles will appear, such as big rocks and challenging routes to move over.

Try to stay clear of the challenges and defeat all of the enemies. On higher difficulty levels, enemies may use guns to shoot at you. You can discover beautiful devices like the magician’s staff when you first play. When you raise the number of degrees, you can play with several diverse topics that are entirely different for a building, a beach, a volcano, and many others. You’re able to play in several various themes, also.

Push’em all MOD APK


Your default character will automatically be the enemy but with another color. Do not fret if his default appearance distracts you because you can use coins to unlock various outfits for him, such as hats and clothing. Cash can be collected at any level. The more challenges you make enemies handle, the more of these coins you can get.

Players can also uncover the moves associated with a particular body part by doing various movements. How can it be declared boring when, possibly, there are constantly multiple things to discover, in which case, one is all the fun? I love playing this feature so much that I literally cannot look away.

Straightforward and fascinating gameplay

The moment Push ’em all is initiated, it is one of the simplest games I have ever played. Playing it requires nothing more than a mobile device. People today think the game is simple; that’s why there are so many who think its appeal is negligible. Pushing them all can prove the invalidity of this point of view. I made a small survey of my friends, asking them how they felt after playing Push ’em All for a few days. The responses were very positive.

Almost every one of my friends has said that they like this video game to relax after a day’s work or in their spare time. What about those who chose not to answer the survey? All the others prefer to play this game almost all the time, but they cannot.

The most important part of their responses is their pleasure from participating in this game because of its easy mechanics. While playing this game, it’s your task only to push your competitor’s side to side, and do not overlook to trip them up, or else the match ends. While there are so many adversaries, do not give up because great prizes await you ahead.

Pushem all MOD APK


You will face different adversaries during the game. Some opponents have different colors, such as red, yellow, purple, blue, black, pink, and so on. Yellow is taller and more robust, but they are slower than the others. The most significant adversary you will face is the red one; you may easily defeat them, but in lengthy stages, they may go off with a sizable army. As players advance through the game, they will have to deal with more significant numbers of enemies, and the stages will become more intricate, containing supplemental things that boost the fun.

Unlimited coins

Players can now freely spend their virtual currency since they have unrestricted access to limitless cash with Push em All Mod APK. No longer do they need to choose among essentials.

Pushem all MOD APK


Due to the game’s simple yet aesthetically pleasing design, it’s both visually and audibly pleasing. The frame rate is constant and smooth, with minimal glitches. Some bugs may appear, but gamers don’t have to worry about them since the game is updated regularly. The sound effects in this game are lifelike, providing the orders and screams of the enemies realistically.


Push ’em All is undoubtedly an intriguing and addictive game that people can play on their own, with friends and family. Although repetitive, the game still has many fantastic features for game lovers to unwind.

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