PUBG Mobile MOD APK v2.3.0 (Unlimited Uc, Aimbot)

Long ago, video games achieved mainstream popularity with the worldwide popularity of game titles based on Battle Royale video games. You can experience all your favorite battle royale games on your mobile devices anytime. Learn all you can about this enjoyable game PUBG Mobile MOD APK with our review.

Additional Information

App Name PUBG Mobile MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 681 MB
Latest Version 2.2.0
Root Required No
Installs 500,000,000+ downloads
Required Varies with device
MOD Free
Genre Action
Level Infinite
Update 1 day ago
Get it On Google Play


In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile, players scatter into a survival game in which the players have been smashed from all over the world and dropped into an abandoned location. You would be enclosed in the area known as the survival ring, where anything that remained outside would slowly decrease your health. There are no doors or exits through the survival ring.

It would be best if you used what you have and your skill to keep yourself alive while contending against other players in a battle for survival and abilities. Defeat everyone and claim the title of the sole survivor on the map. Expand your ranks as you achieve better results.

PUBG Mobile MOD APK Features

In PUBG Mobile, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in an assortment of immersive and highly entertaining FPS experiences. Battle on your own and take down any opponent that stands in your way, or join squads against other hopefuls and participate in epic team battles. Give thought to all the fantastic features that are provided by the game.


Drive in styles as you hop on different vehicles

In PUBG Mobile, players learn the personality of every automobile that it may be possible to obtain and are thrilled to the max to hop right in and drive everywhere. They’re delighted by it when you carjack the getaway car. If you are more enthused about getting individuals killed, you can download a list of which to escape from and kill everybody. However, remain alert as traveling with vehicles may cause a substantial number of noises, giving your adversaries a chance to find you. Additionally, be sure you have sufficient gas for your car.

Proper gear and items to help you survive

They’re also gifted with equipment and items to assist them in surviving combat. Consequently, make sure to rapidly gather a helmet and armor to help you get past the damage awarded by your opponents. When your health gets to a point, it might be worth your while to acquire some bandages, first aid, painkillers, and energy drinks to restore your body to total health.


Lots of accessible weapons

Within PUBG, you can use the weapons available, such as firearms, grenades, arrows, and bows. You’ll find these weapons easily when you drop them from your parachute, and you’ll be able to defeat your opponents as you loot more of these powerful weapons from their corpses. If you are more into fighting, you have many weapons, including the baseball bat, machete, and frying pan. Use these weapons to slay your opponent in their head. You will be astonished at how many brain cells they manage to destroy.

Optimized touch-screen controls

PUBG Mobile lets users set personal locations of their liking by placing a pin ground and adjusting the world accordingly so they can maneuver without leaving the immediate area. Players will enjoy playing even more with a portable-ready control system that provides all features in a tapped and awkward manner.


The official PUBG for mobile platforms

With Tencent’s official game, stop wasting your time playing PUBG imposters. Engage in a competitive survival challenge on a deserted island and all your attention to other players. Play along together as a team with 99 other players. Collect weapons, ammunition, and similar items to give you the upper hand in battle. Buckle up for a wild ride and thoroughly catch up in PUBG Mobile.

Take on the solo challenges.

The game features a solo mode where one player competes against up to one hundred opponents. Whoever defeats the other will acquire all the prizes, and losing will result in death. Try experimenting with various fighting styles as you beat all foes that stand between you and the final challenge, or explore the farm and collect assets that allow you to survive personally before the end of the round.

Fight the enemies with your teammates.

If you wish to enjoy the game with your friends, you can form your squad to take on team challenges where you and your team members will face off against other teams worldwide. Stay connected and develop effective strategies that could help you win the match. Take down every opponent that is nearby and provide aid to your teammates whenever necessary.


Enjoy the fair gaming environment.

For many players, game hacking is a significant setback for most online video games. With PUBG Mobile, they’re guarded with regular updates that permanently fix any exploitable holes. The powerful anti-cheat mechanisms also protect against all questionable actions being performed. You can also report the players you believe are cheating in the game and have them punished.

Free to play

The free game is available, so those playing Battle Royale should know this on their Android device. To keep enjoying this awesome game, merely open the Google Play store on your gadget, install the game for free, and you’re ready to go.

Visual graphics and sound quality

The graphics and sound are spectacularly great, so it feels like you’re suspended in PUBG Mobile’s world. The environment and character designs are incredibly close to being real because the powerful Unreal Engine 4 creates many inventive things. Detail and vibrancy are conveyed as you have a great time tackling challenges in PUBG Mobile, with amazing visual effects achieving the outcome.

Shooting lovers interested in the most immersive sounds can be content with the high-level sounds that come in 3D. It also includes a 7.1-channel surround sound, so you can comprehend where the bullets or grenades are coming from. This profoundly affects FPS gamers because they need an excellent idea of where the enemy’s voice is coming from.

Final Thoughts

Unlike the regular PUBG PC, PUBG Mobile MOD APK has an excellent design for a Battle Royale game on your mobile devices.

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