Pokémon UNITE MOD APK v1.7.1.1 (Unlimited money, gems)

Ready to join this unforgettable adventure in Pokémon UNITE MOD APK, where you’ll spend time with members of a diverse, international Pokemon community while playing addictive online battles against them? Jump into a team and enjoy time-honored Pok mon gameplay that allows you to join forces with four other players from all over the globe who are also playing this game. Record and Edit your Gaming Videos With Fl Studio Mobile Apk and Download them with Vidmate.

Additional Information

App Name Pokémon UNITE MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 390 MB
Latest Version
Root Required No
Installs 10,000,000+ downloads
Required 4.4 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
The Pokemon Company
Update 1 day ago
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Explore the diverse Pokemon by discovering unique characteristics and abilities and exciting battling mechanisms that keep you utterly addicted to the in-game content and entertained—battle with functional styles and combos using your favored Pok mon. Earn victories, boost your image as a trainer, and find yourself in a more advanced confrontation mode.

The Pokemon Company’s game features are covered in our in-depth reviews.


The legendary island of Aeos has a unique and miraculous energy that can improve the electrical power abilities of Psychic Pok mon and enable them to do remarkable things. Many famous trainers are traveling to this exceptional island intending to locate the sources of those energies and collaborate with their Pok mon. Pok mon UNITE, Pok mon trainers, and enthusiasts worldwide can all be a part of the fun 5-vs-5 Pok mon UNITE matches, where you’ll join forces with other players to take on each other.

Have fun playing every unique Pok mon in the game, and look forward to participating in adrenaline-pumping feats of strategy, where you will battle others using their Pok mon’s extraordinary powers to engage in intense and exciting battles. The simple but entertaining and addictive gameplay of RPG action and strategy in Pok mon UNITE, in which you attempt to become the world’s best trainer, will engage you. Explore the capabilities of unique abilities, and in-game powers allow you to unlock unintended consequences, making it more straightforward to conquer the battles. Engage in exciting 5v5 matches.

Pokémon UNITE MOD APK Features

Unlock the uses of incredible Aeos energy.

When exhausted, the immense source of Aeos in this Aeos Island locality will make all Pok mon incredibly strong and capable. Players will allow many of their Pok mon to fight to slay their enemies and gather their Aeos energy. Put your energy into a Pokmon’s goal zone to score points and lead your team to victory. Defeating your antagonists as many as possible and shedding as few belongings as possible in each game will help you win. Feel responsible for dominating your competition and for the excellent use of all of the Aeos energy you make.


Have your Pokémon holding items of different uses

To make Pokémon more fun, trainers of the Pokmon UNITE can have their Pokémon hold different items, each offering them specific bonuses and attributes. You can hold up to three things on each Pokémon from 15 types. You may need to find the best combination of features to enable you always to enjoy your additive experiences and enjoy them.

Unlock many skills and ability upgrades

During their battles, Pok mon trainers have the ability, given the point XP and items available, to unlock the full potential of their Pok mon, thanks to their leveled-up skills and stats. By leveling up Pok mon, improving their abilities, and leveling up their abilities, they can unlock powerful evolutions, allowing their Pok mon to take out their enemies with ease. Use the improved Pok mon evolutions to fix your Pok mon’s weaknesses and enhance their strengths.


Engage in actual 3D combats

For all interested, you can now actively engage yourself in 3D fights in Pok mon, allowing players to use their actual Android devices for TF3D battles. Implement complete control over your favorite Pok mon and use them to be taken on by foreign Pok mon. Use wild Pok mon to gain experience points and to recover dropped items. And participate in epic affairs with real opponents.

Many different Pokémon to play with

Right away, mobile games Android gamers will find themselves thoroughly in love with this game, thanks to its wide selection of various Pok mon that you can play with. Here, you are free to decipher an expansive exchange between the most distinguished Pok mon from the Pok mon world. Enjoy the presence of each to find a new superpower and discover that each has a unique interactive system, making the game wholly immersive. As part of a greater whole, it’s essential to comprehend your strengths as the Pok mon you use them for successful plans. Likewise, by taking advantage of a team of 5 different Pokémon, individuals can develop various compelling tactics and team strategies to make 5v5 gameplay even more exciting.


Rank up your trainer to unlock new challenges

If you’re interested, you can now discover your trainers for being able to raid much more hard puzzles from the video game, which will allow you to have more pleasurable fun playing your addictive video games in Pokemon. Prove your skills by running up against the ranked battles, which are chock-full of gifted players. Gather points as you progress through the ranks and rack up a higher level on the leaderboards. Reach the very top and become the best player.

Intuitive communications to stay engaged and informed during battles

Pok mon UNITE wants to make sure that its players of the game MMORPG reach their maximal potential, so the company will design intuitive and related in-game communication methods, ensuring that you don’t encounter any issues in communicating with fellow players and the opposite side. Do not use indicators to inform your team that you understand what they’re talking about. Pok mon UNITE wants to make sure that its players of the game MMORPG reach their maximal potential, so the company will design intuitive and related in-game communication methods, ensuring that you don’t encounter any issues in communicating with fellow players and the opposite side. Do not use indicators to inform your team that you understand what they’re talking about.


Enjoy the cross-platform gameplay.

Suppose you are currently interested in the game. In that case, you can relish playing with your friends and online trainers, not only using the Android or iOS version, but you can even revel in its addictive battles on the Nintendo Switch apparatus. Thus, the game is available for those wishing to witness how enjoyable they can be on Switch consoles with great owners.

Have fun customizing your Pokémon

Players can now choose from many holographic outfits and skins for their Pok mon and easily switch among them to complete their fantasy adventures. Feel free to unlock new interactions you’ve generally overlooked and create the most efficient way for your Pok mon to play.

Many in-game rewards to collect

And for all the players in our upcoming video game, we’re offering many incredible in-game boosts, which you can quickly get. You can get it by eating up in-game challenges you’ll have to finish or by paying real money to unlock certain rewards.


Free to play

Players downloading the game free from the Play store will enjoy engaging on their mobile device without difficulty; nevertheless, their odds of winning, championing, obtaining in-game items, or its possible complexity may be less than they wish.

Enjoy the free and unlocked game on our website.

We anticipate that your players will be less annoyed in live game activities as you eliminate any purchases they make. An alternative free of cost you can download on our site. We are also supplying our version of Pokemon, one of the more enjoyable distinctive in-game materials you can receive effortlessly at no cost. You only need to download the Pokémon UNITE MOD APK on our site.

Sound & Music

Along with visually striking graphics, Pok mon provides intriguing Pok mon-sounding audio experiences to fans, encouraging immersion into the game titles. Responsive and immersive sound effects make interactivity even better.


Fans can now enjoy every aspect of the game in complete immersion with the help of three-dimensional, holographic Pok mon. Each Pok mon has its distinctive appearance and unique behavior, which you’ll master in your battles. Vivid animations, an intense battle system, and three-dimensional graphics generate the most immersive and fun experience for all motion control enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts

With immersive gameplay based on your favorite Pok mon series, Pokémon UNITE MOD APK fans from all corners of the world will now have the opportunity to participate in exciting Pok mon adventures with this new Pok mon UNITE mobile title. With the Pok mon Magikarp Jump and Pok mon Go game titles, this should hopefully be your next favorite card game.

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