ONE PIECE Bounty Rush MOD APK v53010 (Unlimited diamond No Skill CD)

One Piece: ONE PIECE Bounty Rush MOD APK is a real-time fight 3D game (MOBA). The action in this exciting Helceur anime is set in the famous setting of One Piece, and when you are your character, you will eventually become a legendary pirate. The game is fun because it involves three-dimensional anime setting fight sequences. You will join Luffy, the legendary Straw Hat Pirates, and the rest of the heroes of One Piece Universe.

Additional Information

App Name ONE PIECE Bounty Rush MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 118 MB
Latest Version 53000
Root Required No
Installs 10,000,000+ downloads
Required 5.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
Update 1 day ago
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Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc offers the game. You are a swashbuckling pirate in the video game, and you will have the whole experience as if you were in the ocean. Display your fighting abilities, establish a profitable plunder spree off the waves of the sea, win a great deal of cash, and destroy your rivals in real-time four vs 4 PvP incidents.


One Piece Pirate Rush allows players to form a team of four. Your team will compete against a group of rival pirates. You can also accumulate loot through real-time battles against other groups or take on time-consuming quests. If you choose to win each round, your team must have teamwork and be attuned to each other. The game also features a 4v4 real-time combat mode. Collecting all coins without touching an opponent’s base or stealing a chest would be best. Be careful not to touch the base area of an opponent’s enemy, or else you will have to find and steal the treasure chest for the highest One Piece Bounty Rush score.

To win, you must assemble at least three of the five treasure areas on the screen. Each zone should hold at least fifteen seconds of the challenge time. Each match lasts three minutes, but you can quit the game early once you have assembled all five treasures on the screen. After the match’s conclusion, all players are rewarded with the number of prizes they have conquered. One Piece Bounty Rush has a variety of other game modes. The most popular method is Alliance Battle, and the challenge will be to get your hands on your competitor’s treasure. Besides, you can try out the Challenge Battle mode, which requires you to perform maneuvers with certain characters.


Your team will earn more points and total wins as you accomplish more challenges on the team leaderboard. New mode  Boss Battle features a varied assortment of challenging boss battles. As you collect items in challenging boss battles, you will improve your character’s rank, and these wins will lead to your success in the tournaments. One Piece Bounty Rush contains highly engaging content like itself. You can use the heroes from the well-known One Piece anime, like Luffy, Zoro, or Sanji, as you play. Each has a special attack, defense, and movement ability.

The characters of One Piece remain in line with the beginning, and everything is unique. For example, you’ll have an exciting rubber duel with Luffy. You gradually build up your whole team by leaping into vicious battles, which will train you to master the talents and powers of the varied character types. You rely on every character fragment you collect to unlock, better, and revive your characters for each battle. One Piece Bounty Rush gives you a typical role-playing game experience. Each playable character is identified by multiple classification groups, such as warrior, knight, assaulter, support, and tank. Therefore, you procure many treasures to upgrade your character’s level and abilities. You strategize the team and choose the best class to win the League Matches and Solo Matches.

Their Abilities are increased thanks to Medals you give them. In this manner, the experience gained from the game frequently increases. One Piece Bounty Rush is based on using gold coins as the primary currency. Heredity upgrades your characters with gold coins and purchases character shards in the store. A more valuable currency is the Rainbow Diamond’s intricate currency used for buying unique characters. Other types of resources, such as Battle Points money acquired during a League Battle, are used to purchase character shards in store. Yablonite is also used as a material for upgrading parts to experiment with characters.  Gold Bar is a rare material to exchange for special in-game items during special events.  Gold Bar is acquired by participating in the Alliance Wars, and the wars are pretty brutal.

One Piece: One Piece Bounty Rush provides a new episode of the One Piece anime, where you will experience the eponymous battle in the style of an adventure game. You can play different combat strategies in the exciting open-world maps reminiscent of the iconic locations featured in the anime. The various settings enable you to bring a separate process to hand-to-hand combat. Besides, each match is full of items from the One Piece universe, which adds more to the players’ excitement. However, the game is not without its limitations. First is its limited selection of characters. In addition, the combat system is too simple for those who enjoy the fighting genre. Developing a third-party perspective is challenging until you grasp this principle. In addition, you may be required to support your sport with actual money to win robust characteristics.

ONE PIECE Bounty Rush MOD APK Features


One Piece Bounty Rush features an intuitive control interface, and visitors ought to be able to observe events well in the presence of a complicated battle. The command interfaces are put in suitable spots, and players can still see the monitor clearly to perform actions. The left sidebar allows players to move the character. The right sidebar gives players the pick of thrilling attacks, skills, and emojis. The player can win or lose the fight.


Graphics and sound

One Piece Bounty Rush successfully reappears in the One Piece anime world. All the franchise characters and the environments they occupy have been recreated into fantastic 3D environments. You attend the brutal wars of the One Piece universe. You admire the intricate designs of each character and famed battle scenes (such as the Baratie Restaurant, Arlong Park, Drum Island, and Codo Arena). The game’s style is very picture-based and suitable for all ages. The audio is thoroughly checked and truly captures the character’s actions. A number of the One Piece tunes are also used in this version.

You can try a ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE to experience the world of ONE PIECE thoroughly. The game belongs to the logic of strategy in two-dimensional drawings. You start to construct your dream ONE PIECE pirate crew from the world of the ONE PIECE anime. The video game consists of more than 2,000 characters from One Piece and has various characters you can use to create your team. You get to backtrack through eras from the One Piece story, including the likes of Chopper, princess Shirahoshi, and Vivi.


Final Thoughts

A fantastic 3D multiplayer action game on the mobile, One Piece Bounty Rush is simply a manga that One Piece fans must enjoy. You’re drawn into taking part in daring battles as famous pirates from One Piece and fight to try to obtain the cursed pirate treasure. Whether you enjoy the game for the first time or want to customize your character, many different upgrades will enthrall you. The game is chock-full of entertaining events, famous One Piece locations, and significant 3D effects. Get ready to assemble a fantastic pirate group, and defeat your competitors in the treacherous internet battle.

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