MaskGun MOD APK v3.032 (One Shot Kill/Unlimited Ammo)

The simple and accessible gameplay of MaskGun MOD APK games invites you to play through the enjoyment initiated by addictive challenges. Postmortem gameplay’s exciting and sophisticated interests make it an enticing way to pass the time. You’ll find the multiplayer online shooter extremely exciting at the most complicated end of the neurosurgery probability spectrum.

Additional Information

App Name MaskGun MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 150 MB
Latest Version 3.032
Root Required No
Installs 50,000,000+ downloads
Required 4.4 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Update 1 day ago
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Face the ultimate gameplay of action with MaskGun, as you discover yourself in the exciting world of the real-time multiplayer first-person shooter on your mobile devices. Have fun with friends and online gaming opponents in exciting real-time showdowns, and take your FPS fun to the max. Enjoy a combination of different gameplay modes to play with many exciting features. Discover other gameplay mechanics and customs to enjoy even more.

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No one drags their heels in the exciting world of MaskGun. Android users can enjoy the experience of competing with gamers from around the world in epic PvP duels. Conquer your opponents by setting up your HazardZone and taking on the challenge of the most excellent shooter in the universe. Participate in highly interactive and fun battles with individuals with unique personalities. And fall in love entirely with MaskGun’s countless possibilities.

Most importantly, even the most compelling gameplay boasts of any challenging game’s fair and honest online experiences that promote wholesome, nondiscriminatory gaming. Do not hesitate to check out the most engaging fights of the monitor against the enemies, understanding that only your paradoxical abilities and teamwork will dictate the fight’s results.

MaskGun MOD APK Features

Here are some of the exciting features offered by the game.

Compete with friends and other gamers on the Leaderboards

MaskGun, with Android gamers, can fully immerse themselves in their ultimate competitions with friends and online gamers in the epic leaderboard challenges. Here, you can freely engage in the ultimate shooter experiences and have fun with competitors in the higher places on the leaderboards. Top from your contenders and get exciting rewards as you triumph in the competitions, win or lose.


Explore tons of exciting missions and achievements

MaskGun also supplies heaps of intriguing story and activity choices to enjoy every day. Feel free to get involved in countless exciting shooting games and rewards as you complete various tasks and challenges. Unlock achievements to prestige and collect numerous in-game content and features. A lot of intriguing actions and enjoyable tips are everywhere.

Intuitive and helpful Real-Time Friends system

In the exciting video game MaskGun, you will find an exciting collection of Real-Time Friend Systems that allow you to communicate with your friends individually. You can always view the status of your friends as soon as you can and check the list of all your friends with one click. Therefore, you’re going to relish playing with this helpful tool.


Interesting weapons to make use of

Gamers will discover all sorts of one-of-a-kind and powerful weapons throughout exciting Match Gun gameplay. Feel free to use the melee weapons to disarm or crash your opponents. Please use the full assortment of guns with diverse settings to kick them out of the way, eradicate them, and many more. Steal a selection of lethal weapons with their highlighted functions, and get ready to beat off your opponents.

Multiple maps with varied setups to play around

In the video game MaskGun, you’ll find yourself in a fun gaming environment on several maps, such as Diwali Yard, Ryokan, and GhostTown. Speaking of the maps, you can use those popular ones: Diwali Yard, Ryokan, and GhostTown. With such a distinct setting, this game mode engages the totality of players, allowing for adrenaline-filled play.


Engage in three skill-based FPS modes

Throughout MaskGun ‘s thrilling online gun battles, you should have the opportunity to participate in three game modes, each with its own distinct and engaging gameplay. DeathMatch  Start by competing in epic DeathMatch competitions requiring you to defend yourself from your opponents! Seek victory in your ultimate survival challenges, as in Rocket Royale, and thrive on winning.

Goal-oriented individuals may enjoy participating in Team DeathMatch for a change, in which you will fully discover your MaskGun abilities. Work with your teammates to Defeat the majority of the game committing all your efforts to aid your team. Take part in the very last league standing and be the victorious group.

MaskGun gameplay lets you demonstrate your incomparable expertise in dramatic bomb detonation tasks. You can choose from two modes: Remember that you can play as one of the two parties in an avalanche of rebooted challenges. As they strive to defuse bombs, you act as the defender attempting to stop them, or you are the counterterrorist hoping to get rid of them.

Simple and accessible gameplay

Anyone curious will likely find themselves absorbed by the entertaining gameplay of MaskGun, thanks to its straightforward and intuitive controls. Feel free to move around the map as you use your intuitive and efficient controls, and carry out various techniques and skill moves to progress through the game. The straightforward gameplay suitable for an easy layout will make it easy for you to go.

Freely customize your characters.

To make the game more interesting, you can also freely modify your characters in the fun online shooter game. Make your characters stand out from the crowd with various costumes, masks, amours, and headgear. Have fun playing games of online shooter games with exciting gameplay, countless options, fictional characters, and liveries. All of which are easily customizable.

Always expect new updates.

You can also stay happy to share recent updates to MaskGun, which provides another range of modes and maps for you to enjoy multiplayer games. Use a gaming controller to experience new experiences as you proceed.


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Free to play

Despite the exciting features of the Android game designs, players can now enjoy the gameplay at no cost if they utilize MaskGun only for Android, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Play Store. As a result, you should have a leisurely experience installing the game.

Engage yourself in epic Global Clan competitions

You can make the online PvP online gaming experience more engaging by allowing yourself to join an existing clan or create a brand new family and compete against each other in exciting clan competitions. Take on the ultimate sniper experience, and dominate the globe with your awesome clan. Have fun in exciting clan competitions. And compete with other families in epic clan wars. All of which should enable you to enjoy the best gameplay possible.

Sound & Music

MaskGun also enhances the gaming experience by offering you unique audio experiences. Here, you can fully immerse yourself in the shooter game thanks to the fantastic audio and music. All of this will enable you to lay back to enjoy the fun gameplay of the shooter to the fullest.


Here in MaskGun, Android gamers will be completely blown away by the lifelike visuals with a cute aesthetic design that thoroughly entertains you. You can also have a great time experimenting with the exciting gameplay of actions with immersive sedan shooter challenges. Explore the fascinating game action options combined with realistic visual feedback and immersive animations.

Final Thoughts

MaskGun turns into a thrilling game now that it’s easily accessible on handheld units. Enjoy firing at opponents as you battle in a hectic multiplayer characteristic, break free from missions, take on assignments, complete challenges to thrills, participate in PvP, and more. Pixar is all about multi-channeled gameplay.

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