Left to Survive MOD APK v5.4.0 (Menu/Damage, God Mode, Ammo)

Grab your weapons and shake your guts as you prepare for the ultimate survival challenges in this awesome multiplayer video game, Left to Survive MOD APK. Enjoy the entertaining and intriguing gameplay that will take you through the most eventful in-game actions and adventures.

Additional Information

App Name Left to Survive MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 1 GB
Latest Version 5.3.1
Root Required No
Installs 10,000,000+ downloads
Required 5.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Update 1 day ago
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As you explore another post-apocalyptic reference title, you may find that the screen setups are stunningly pleasant. Hang on while enjoying an endless shooter and shooting survival game in Left to Survive. You’ll join a group of survivors seeking to survive the madness and conditions threatening the outside world.

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The game occurred in a more peaceful world in 2024 than most people believe, and we did not achieve any breakthroughs. And this world has become more damaged by its ongoing conflicts, wars, and catastrophes. But most notably, the world has been declared dead through a series of unfortunate events, and most of its ecosystem has been damaged. It has happened that most of the population turned into wild animals that ate up their surroundings and people. And that is not everything; they investigated their environment and even tried to collect as much food as possible.

Humanity is on the verge of extinction by continuing to fight each other. Not only will we be increasingly threatened and cannibalized by the undead, but we’ll also bring our deaths upon ourselves if we refuse to team up. We must join forces to protect ourselves and work toward a brighter future. Start by uniting with your fellow survivors and establish a group. Plant crops to secure your sentry posts from time to time in case you get an opportunity. Break away from ordinary gameplay and try something exciting. Pick from a series of survivor and shooter experiences and head out for an intriguing adventure in Left to Survive. Enjoy solo or co-op shooter gameplay with a game of Left to Survive or join up with your online buddies and other active gamers in traditional multiplayer gameplay.

Left to Survive MOD APK Features

All the exciting features that the game has to offer can be found here.

Take on the ultimate zombie bosses.

Find the zombie creatures are not quite as strong or threatening as in the beginning. You can always keep your interest in continuing to play the game by finishing the various missions that will advance you to conclude every arc. Start with bosses renowned as intimidating and proceed to the workforce before you complete the end of the arch. You might come across your squad facing these overwhelmingly menacing enemies with unique and remarkable abilities that will produce ingenious and exciting fights. Suppose you have a hard time imagining the intimidating zombies that could. In that case, you may find yourself at the top of a giant high-rise, wearing police officer uniforms, or blasting yourself to death in riot gear to severely damage your group.

Left to Survive MOD APK

Tackle the epic shooter challenges with actual players

Those interested can check out the online FPS in this Left to Survive game. As you battle against opponents, you are always on the edge of your seat in this endless, well-rounded game in a safe online environment. New gamers can learn the ropes here or join an established online community. Discover online alone or with any of your friends.

Unlock new heroes to lead your expedition teams

And if the challenges you find enjoyable are strengthening your team, it’s always nice to include some heroes. By incorporating these unique players into your lineup, you can grant your comrades several boosters and buffs that will give them a definite edge in melee combat. Have fun unlocking other players, each of whom boasts special techniques and abilities.

Takedown enemy basses and collects bountiful loot

You will also have to deal with all the other hostile forces that only wish to see your base resources and destroy them. A call to arms in such circumstances is a siren call. If you join these belligerents’ ranks, get ready for intense combat to battle their bases. In the events like this, your top priority is survival. The game has a unique and significant chopper target game that would seriously entertain you.

Left to Survive MOD APK

Dive into extraordinary shooter challenges with nasty zombies

Gamers will also enjoy diving into Hordes of Zombies’ excellent gameplay as you reacquaint yourself with fascinating shooter challenges. Discover yourself as you eliminate the hordes to become a safe place for survivors to seek safety. Fight the maddening monsters head-on as you immerse yourself in Horde of Zombies’ exciting gameplay. Acquire several available weapons as you come across them. Defeat or destroy your adversaries with exceptional swipes at the right moment, and use the highly effective attacks you’ve developed to eliminate the zombies.

Construct and customize your bases to defend yourself

And for those of you who’re still interested, the game gives you many choices for buildings and design options you can utilize in your base. Feel free to choose between a broad array of available facilities in the game and have them strategically placed on your floor. Fulfill your missions to unlock additional resources and supplies so you can start building your headquarters. Look for other survivors nearby and greet them with a welcome. Expand your center as you have additional survivors, utilize new resources, and transform it into a safehouse for other survivors. With the help of each other, you can end the zombie apocalypse.

Embark on your ultimate survival campaigns

Taking advantage of the features and benefits of Android players, you will play in gameplay structures that are composed of multiple missions from different arcs, each of which has a distinctive and exciting gameplay style. Seek out intriguing and addictive gameplay or a zombie shooter game with great options. Survive the post-zombie assault by organizing your defenses and taking on scouting tasks.

Left to Survive MOD APK

Simple and intuitive survival gameplay

These are just a few unique and highly fulfilling adventures you will probably prefer with survival fans. You will have a few other experiences just like them as you come together with your group and provide it directly on your journey through entertaining and thrilling activities.

Free to play

Despite all its unique features, the game is still able to surprise us with its entirely free gameplay. In this way, smartphone users can get many of the games they like through the Google Play retailer and get the games directly on their devices without needing to pay anything at all, no matter how many times they may have already done this.

Enjoy the utterly unlocked gameplay with our mod.

To make the game less challenging and more enjoyable, gamers in Left to Survive can also enjoy the exciting mods on our website. These permit you to participate in an unfiltered experience, consume no advertisements through the app, and have an unlimited supply of ammo. You must download the mod APK from our website and install it on your device.


Exercise a brilliant selection of sensational action games complete with thrilling visual graphic experiences and add the audio goodness of high-quality sound effects. In the Left to Survive video game, players will enjoy experiencing a fun and challenging multiplayer shooting-based game and an atmospheric three to four-hour expert survival simulator.


It is a rare survival game with console-like graphics for android. With Left to Survive, you can play the game on your mobile, whether you’re a massive fan of the video game genre. Additionally, the game renders astounding graphics, powerful images, and atmospheric environments, ensuring that this will be both enjoyable and viable on any Android platform.

Left to Survive MOD APK

Final Thoughts

People who have enjoyed DEAD TARGET and DEAD Zed can now download a new mobile FPS computer game on Google Play that will let them waste most of their day senselessly slaughtering hordes of the undead. And best of all, it’s free and easily accessible to everyone.

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