Last Island of Survival MOD APK v4.8 (MOD, VIP Unlocked)

Are you tired of the basic Battle Royale game of PUBG Mobile? Looking for a refreshing gaming experience to enjoy on your cell phone? With Last Island of Survival MOD APK, players will get the chance to try out wholly renewed and unique Battle Royale gameplay. Locate yourself on a large, interactive map with many addicting gameplay options.

Additional Information

App Name Last Island of Survival MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 2 GB
Latest Version 4.4
Root Required No
Installs 10,000,000+ downloads
Required 5.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
HK Hero Entertainment Co., Limited
Update 1 day ago
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Find yourself on a large and engaging map with built-in interactive gameplay features that make it highly addicting. Have a more complete and satisfying Battle Royale experience than any other game you have played previously.

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The game takes place in a hostile post-apocalyptic world where humans have nearly been wiped out of existence by zombie diseases. Being one of the few survivors, your main goal will be to survive the hostile zombies and other players’ attacks to remain the last man standing on the battlefield. Travel to as many different locations on the map of a vast world and collect all kinds of resources. Build your bases to protect yourself from adversaries’ attacks. Take down adversaries’ possessions to manage valuable resources.

Use the crafting tools and craft multiple devices to help support your Survival. Use weapon crafting features to produce powerful weapons to guard against enemies’ attacks. Each match would last for weeks and months, not only 30 minutes, and you must endure numerous competitors in your competition in Last Island of Survival. Have a great deal of enjoyable time in Last Island of Survival.

Last Island of Survival MOD APK Features

Here you will discover everything there is to learn about this unique game.

Explore the fantastic build and craft features

The game permits players to construct anything they see fit anywhere they can find enough materials. As long as you have the required resources and know what you’re going to create, you can make an entire village or giant shelter with the building feature. The endless crafting options let you come up with valuable tools to enhance your journey.

In addition to the ability to create helpful survival gear, you can make weapons and gear to deal with dangerous zombies, hungry animals, and hostile enemies. Pick up your guns and start building and creating from simple items, such as knives, and swords, to machine guns and rockets. Allow your imagination to run free and create anything you like with Last Day Survival Rules.

Last Island of Survival MOD APK

Have a massive map to explore

In Last Island of Survival, you’ll have your whole map on your mobile device to find. Please don’t consider it another Sanhok or Erangel; instead, the larger world map will feel like part of a typical Far Cry 5 open-world map with countless possibilities to explore. Travel to different spots and search for considerable resources that will help you construct your bases and develop your characters.

Seek out abandoned mines and make your way through the wilderness to avoid the dangers of this dangerous place. Check the landscape to find the materials required to construct potent weapons. Finally, remain vigilant at all times because you never know what dangers you may come across. Choose unforgettable worlds with sandbox technology and intuitive controls that midwest spa offers throughout your current gaming session.

Last Island of Survival MOD APK

In-depth survival gameplay with multiple features

Last Battleground of Survival will be the latest Battle Royale game you need on your mobile devices. Players will enjoy various exciting in-game activities with a much longer match duration, a much larger game to play, and a whole world to discover. That said, you may locate an excellent position to draw nourishment to build your big underground shelter to protect yourself against zombies. If you would instead go solo through your journey or play with your friends as you construct buildings, defend your base, collect resources, etc., you are free to design your floor or even develop a little settlement at the abandoned location.

Destroy other players’ shelters can gather resources for your own. Or enjoy advertisement in a single, open-world Arizona. Bear goes down animals from beasts to hunt and get food and mining equipment across the terrain for building a great base. Last Day Survival Last man will award you with a more significant time clock globe than Battle Royale, with many sandbox gameplay where players can have unbridled survival gameplay.

You decide between competing with a select number of other players by building a massive bunker in the middle of the map or plotting a rural homestead in a particular region of the map and taking care of a small number of players. Secondly, you won t need to fear being killed every two minutes. Instead, you will be returned to a home base with no primary sources forfeited. If your period on this deadly video game becomes scarce, people start destroying bases for this more significant possibility of surviving.

Last Island of Survival MOD APK

Addictive and intensive combats with outstanding online gamers

The video game contains many exciting and intense fights, letting users engage in high-level fights with players worldwide. Along with PVE gameplay, the significant PvP battles will satisfy you. Accomplish an assortment of powerful weapons and gear, and then you’re ready to fight with other users.

You can also develop new technologies that help you deal with different opponents. You may build ammunition that causes enemies to burst into flames when shot, explosive bullets to take on heavy opponents, and an automatic shell that executes deadly attacks on vital parts of the body of enemies. You can use these weapon types on various sensing approaches, allowing them to defeat enemies with different tactics.

Experience how a real survival challenge should begin

Those who are into survival games will find Last Island of Survival interesting because it will expose you to the methods involved in starting and ending the survival challenge. Begin from a modest stock with only a little rock and a flame. Gather materials from the outdoors to make your tools.

Architect a world for yourself to collect extra resources and sustain yourself as you build new or existing settlements. Gather credit by developing matters scattered over the Earth map, investing in technologies, and constructing better arms and gear to survive more significant damage in the harsh world.

Free to play

While this is a wildly popular survival game, it’s available completely free of charge for all Android users. That said, it is simple to download and install this game on your mobile devices at no cost. Join millions of players in Last Island of Survival, an ultimate survival challenge.


The simple and immersive audio experiences with advanced game experiences on this Last Island of Survival wiki will enable you to live in the post-apocalyptic world as if you were there. Just put on your headphones, and you’ll be able to appreciate the intricate gameplay for hours on end.

Last Island of Survival MOD APK


The game emphasizes three-dimensional graphics that allow players a new height of immersiveness. Discover yourself in experiencing these interactive and realistic environments while participating in exciting and consequential power struggles. The stunning and dynamic visual effects will make everything amazingly real.

Final Thoughts

Those searching for a reviving battle royale experience will love the Last island of Survival, an engaging game that presents loads of gameplay content. Not only will it keep you enthralled for hours, but you’ll also get to know exciting players worldwide. And if that is t enough, you’ll also wish to try your hand at a different great game.

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