Johnny Trigger MOD APK v1.12.18 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

What’s more, with Johnny Trigger MOD APK, you can at last turn into that boss legend you’ve forever needed to turn into. Join our principal character, Johnny, as he takes on a decisive battle with a whole wrongdoing association in your most recent experiences. Manage big shots, add incredible accuracy, and use your surroundings well to take on numerous foes quickly. Blend the various elements of gameplay, such as the insertion of tactics, for a relaxing side-scrolling shooter game.

Additional Information

App Name Johnny Trigger MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 89 MB
Latest Version 1.12.18
Root Required No
Installs 100,000,000+ downloads
Required 7.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
SayGames Ltd
Update 1 day ago
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Considering you as the principal boss character and having the option to overcome the foes with styles isn’t abnormal for those keen on significant activity films. Many of us have needed to be the boss contender who could bring down a whole wrongdoing association with our mind-boggling weapon abilities, battling procedures, and unparalleled knowledge.

From SayGames, you can learn more about this entertaining game.


In the game, android gamers act as the main characters in an epic action-packed movie. You’ll inevitably face a hostile army of antagonists armed with guns and deadly weapons. But as the main character, you’ll have all the archery powers to defeat enemies and produce stunning stage performances with your character’s guns. The game offers gamers the chance to complete several quests at different levels, presenting players with a distinctive atmosphere.

Because of this, you can fulfill the conditions for the numerous moves you’ve made and use your brilliant ideas to prove your stability and accuracy against your enemies. Take all of your shots to ideally space and master your marksmanship in every way. Even though the game begins slowly, the unique, captivating gameplay with slow-motion effects will make Johnny Trigger stand out from various other Android games. Behind the fun, intuitive game mechanics and improved ragdoll physics are extensive gaming sessions that will be much more fun and enjoyable.

Johnny Trigger MOD APK Features

Regarding the game, we’ll be able to cover a lot of ground.

Pick up more powerful weapons and get going.

As you go on through [[Johnny Trigger]], gamers in Johnny Trigger will stumble upon many interesting weapons, each of which has its particular properties and powers. Incidentally, it’s advised to upgrade from your old handgun by using a tiny rocket for optimal performance. Getting your hands on the most powerful tandem rocket can beat those infamous bosses.

Johnny Trigger MOD APK

Interesting maps with many exploitable elements

And for those interested, Johnny Trigger features an excellent map with many outlandish things to discover. Nevertheless, the fantastic map is loaded with various gameplay, each with enjoyable differences to explore. Get to experience all the exciting aspects of gameplay in Johnny Trigger as you progressively explore the crazy maps. Rather than simply shooting your foes, you can now create utilizations of the gas can to explode the adversaries or release your barrel traps as you cover your adversaries under heavy drops. Get yourself the primary entertainer in your own boss story.

Multiple levels with escalating difficulties

And as you progress through the game, hundreds of preloaded levels will be waiting for you when you’ve got the chance to experience the fun. Feel free to explore the various levels of Johnny Trigger with different configurations and features to experience its excellent gameplay over and over again. Furthermore, with the challenge of each level increasing, it will become a clearer pleasure to play it.

Simple yet delightful gameplay of a mobile shooter

Johnny Trigger’s Android gamers may get a kick out of participating in a classic side-scrolling action game like Stick War Legacy, Hunter Assassin, and others. However, the slow-motion shooter characteristic of this particular video game will make it stand out amongst its mobile peers. You can now appreciate playing your number one activity game while encountering the film-like shootouts with your boss. Rather than playing a primary game, you can now play around with the staggering activity film, with you being the principal character.

Johnny Trigger MOD APK

Feel free to customize your in-game characters

To make the game seriously intriguing and individual, gamers are likewise acquainted with various character customizations they can get and appreciate. These incorporate staggering ensembles and outfits that you can put on your characters. Transform them into the principal entertainer in a wide range of activity films, both as the hero and the main bad guy. It would be one unique experience with your astonishing personal customizations in Johnny Trigger.

Enjoy the game with or without the Internet.

Gamers within Johnny Trigger will also enjoy playing without the Internet, especially without sacrificing the quality or quantity of gaming. In addition, you’ll be able to unlock the offline mode even if you have no internet connectivity and mobile devices get ready to go. This will allow for the enjoyment of quick-burst games during these instances.

Johnny Trigger MOD APK

Free to play

And despite its incredible design, the game is still open to all Android users who enjoy the gameplay on their gadgets. With that said, you can easily download the game from the Google Play Store at no cost. However, it will still be necessary to perform in-app purchases and incur advertisements even though the game remains a freemium title. For that reason, you ought to consider it so your in-app purchases do not impede the pleasure of the gameplay.

Enjoy unlocked gameplay with our mod.

This mod lets you enjoy Johnny Trigger completely unlocked, free of ads, and blocked, receiving an in-game experience equivalent to having fun completely free. The instructions are available on the Johnny Trigger website via our download link. Follow the instructions and listen to the game’s sounds- you’ll have plenty of fun in no time!


Players in Johnny Trigger will be intensely engrossed in their action gameplay thanks to the superb audio and visual effects. Since clapping and screaming are devices they often use in their RPG gameplay, as in other games, the powerful sound effects will let them immerse themselves in their experiences. Combined with the first storytelling as a lone ranger, you can expect to feel the tension mount through a mind-blowing adventure.

Johnny Trigger MOD APK


Start your journey by diving into the dramatic and exciting shooter facilities in Johnny Trigger as you play through the extraordinary visuals and game graphics. The simple yet satisfying Android gameplay lets you become involved with your shooter experience, particularly during the epic slow-motion segments. Despite using the easy graphics, you’ll be authorized to enjoy the sport even in the palm of your hand.

Final Thoughts

You will not be able to find a better mobile phone game than Johnny Trigger, especially considering the outstanding shooting gameplay and slow-motion moments found in this game. Furthermore, with uploaded gameplay available at no charge on our website, you’ll have the freedom to enjoy the game in its entirety for endless hours.

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