Hills of Steel MOD APK v4.6.0 (MOD, Unlimited Coins)

Hills of Steel MOD APK brings incredible vertical experience in a 2D setting. The game is based on the essence of fighting between war tanks, a realistic physics simulation game. Inexperienced players engage in conflict in the mountains and beat their adversaries with steel. You gather loot from defeated enemies and upgrade vehicles through customization and special weapons. Over time, you unlock new tanks and pick the right one for your needs.

Additional Information

App Name Hills of Steel MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 141 MB
Latest Version 4.5.3
Root Required No
Installs 50,000,000+ downloads
Required 4.4 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Superplus Games
Update 1 day ago
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The game provides a vast spectrum of content, so you will find yourself going from battleground to battleground. You earn the bonus money, defeat your enemies, climb to higher levels of rank, and it’s all connected. It would be best if you tried to do everything to become the most incredible war marshal of all time. It is a fantastic game for those who love to drive heavy tanks and enjoy continuous action.


Hills of Steel offers an exciting, free fight. You can optionally purchase in-app things to improve your confrontation with dangerous areas or carry them out without worrying. The game delights with its superior gameplay, and you may fire missiles in response to universal physics rules. Furthermore, the game lets you unlock and use all kinds of tanks or other abilities.

When you finally win, you will be excited about everything you were able to achieve, and you will have learned a great deal about your enemies. The intriguing, compelling plot keeps you moving ahead as you fight to defend your tank and assist your clan’s translational bank. Your successes significantly increase your odds of winning one of the game’s various abilities, particularly if you wish to contend with the mindless monster in grueling game modes. Regardless of what you find yourself playing, you’ll always enjoy yourself. You can learn so much.

You experience many challenges and trials, fighting against your enemies and setting them all on fire before you fail. The fun of this game is free, but the heap of coins and gems to unlock or upgrade new tanks is for sale. Hills of Steel features plenty of entertainment, so the control of your vehicle is straightforward.

You can drive forward or turn around to shoot adversaries on the road. The game appears simple enough, but you will miss a lot, depending on your perseverance. Since the physics are very detailed and humorous, you will like a great deal of humor in the event of being crushed by a little hill or driving a race car that turns on two wheels. All the enjoyment comes out from those who like entertainment.

Hills of Steel MOD APK

Hills of Steel MOD APK Features


Hills of Steel allows you to use nine types of tanks, and you see many modern-day tanks such as Crob, Joker, and Titan; each tank has its weapon, such as the Gatling gun. by Reaper Tesla s Electric Universe or Spider s laser. Recommend that you choose a tank with excellent mobility and low damage, such as Cobra, or Joker, if you like an effortless fighting style.

If you like strenuous gameplay and think from afar, select Mammoth or titanium and take multiple preventative shields and damage-recovery products. If you favor an intensive gaming setup, choose Reaper for maximum armor, and destroy enemy tanks with enormous grenades. After you have upgraded your tank, you install modifications to improve your ability to address situations, such as bombing enemy cities, earning war profits, and strengthening your tank’s recovery rate. You install tanks with six distinct upgrade types.

Hills of Steel MOD APK


Hills of Steel can supply you using either nine kinds of tanks and a wide range of present-day tanks such as Croba, Joker, and Titan; when you discover a tank, you want to equip it with a unique armament, like ways to the Batbattler, Invented by Telsa s Electric Universe, or you can get laser tank in Arachno s universe. Tweet that there s a keyboard tank South Park Battle Minigun, with good mobility.If you want to take safety into account and shoot from a distance, choose mammoth or titanium, and use extra supports and items such as shields. If you love to clash violently, then you should select reaper, for we’ll be able to make it most powerful and destroy enemy drones with large bombs. As time passes, your tank is enhanced with upgrades such as explosive weapons, self-healing stations, and other options. Each tank has six distinct upgrade types, and you have to choose one of those upgrades in keeping with the kind of video game you plan to play.

Hills of Steel also makes you look great by causing you to play fast-paced battles against an opponent or an AI. If you choose to participate in a PvP battle, you will do so against another player or an AI, and the time for each fight will be 60 seconds. If the contest ends in a knockout, win, or defeat, then the player or AI who wasn’t eliminated will seemingly bleed salty, and the fight continues until one of the two tanks has fewer mana points.

In addition, the game can simulate a two vs. two combat, and you must work to engage jointly in tactics, skills, and strategies to defeat your enemies effectively. The game will challenge you with various enemies if you choose extravagance mode. With challenging and simple ways, it is up to you to decide whether you want to use the tank freely or deal with damage from crushed manufactured structures or powered-down AI vehicles as soon as possible. If you are a casual gamer, you can try the classic mode. Everything is similar to the challenging way when you must complete many missions, destroy many AI vehicles, and upgrade the war vehicle to the highest-quality tier.

Of course, the difficulty and rewards of this game will grow as time progresses, and be sure to fight whoever you desire. The fascinating thing is that they have a boss-only mode, and you will take on a highly furious variety of bosses. Play through the game  Tank Stars to see how many challenging tank battles you are capable of enjoying. You can choose from various models of weapons with upgrades such as light and loud rockets to alpha and gamma bombs. The game also supports online multiplayer; you can select multiple weapon modifications in a beautifully rendered setting.

Hills of Steel MOD APK


  • Attractive 2D graphics, horizontal friendly gameplay.
  • Many exciting game modes and diverse upgrades.
  • Upgrade weapons and exchange friends globally.


  • Not many breakthroughs in gameplay.
  • Easy to get bored after a long playing time.

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