Hide N Seek MOD APK v1.9.10 (MOD, Unlimited Coins)

Suppose you’re seeking a simple and delightful video game to enjoy, even for a few minutes. In that case, this excellent Hide N Seek MOD APK mobile game will undoubtedly impress you with its fun and lively challenges. Your favorite childhood game can now be played on your smartphone, and this intuitive game has many dynamic elements.

Additional Information

App Name Hide N Seek MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 81 MB
Latest Version 1.9.4
Root Required No
Installs 100,000,000+ downloads
Required 5.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Supersonic Studios LTD
Update 1 day ago
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Enjoy playing as both the player and the game’s detective in this incredible adventure game, in which you can also choose to play in third-person and first-person views. Have fun playing the way you like through the different components and maps and freely developing your pastime from hide-and-go-seek to shooting quests.

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In hiding N Seek, Android users can relive the classic activity of hiding and seek by playing as either the seeker or the hider in a very restrictive area with plenty of places to hide and find. Take pleasure in avoiding law enforcement agencies using accessible vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, and so forth, as well as buckets of water, office furnishings, and so on.

Playing the game offers exciting tasks like unpredictable levels in each level, unique background music, and a growing map with modified settings to aid you each time you progress. While you can enjoy all the fun the game provides, you’ll find that you can also love them to different degrees because you can become a player of both factions.

Hide N Seek MOD APK Features

Here are some fascinating qualities the game has to offer.

Realistic physics and in-game interactions

If you are curious, you can receive a runaround from Hide N Seek MOD APK, a game that mixes appropriate game physics with player interactions. Move-in the map to help your ragdoll character with capturing another essence. Help others get out of the way if you aspire to save them, or perhaps you intend to hit the others and send them directly to the Seeker.

Hide ‘N Seek MOD APK

Relaxing and undemanding gameplay for all gamers

Hide  N Seek offers an entirely new and fun gaming experience, and the game always has many hrs of enjoyment. Whenever you’re in the no-stress, exciting, and relaxing game, you can always feel free to enjoy playing your own game with no restrictions. Feel free to do anything you want at your own safe and comfortable levels.

Endless levels for you to enjoy

Throughout Hide  N Seek, Android gamers in Hide N Seek MOD APK will enjoy endless levels of fun hide-and-seek videogame adventures. Here, the game offers thousands of people exciting stories to play and escalates the in-game activities to ensure you will never tire of the whole encounter.

Enjoy playing the game on both sides.

Speaking of this, you can engage in the Hide ‘N Seek MOD APK game as the Seeker, and the Hider is the number-one character in this tale. Because you have to hunt for a specified number of individuals in a given time frame, you have to be adept with your acceleration and faster movement to ensure that you never lose sight of the bad guys. Use your speedy activities to outmaneuver them and listen attentively to the advised instructions on the terrain map to automate the search for your opponents. Seek and find them!

Hider {{pledge participants}} will start the game with your hider squad, who must survive so that the Seeker doesn’t see them. You will be trapped if you’re caught inside the Seeker’s vision zone. You will die if fleeing from the Seeker’s vision, so all hope for survival should be left in the hands of surviving players. That is your only advantage. Also, stay the Seeker’s ending to earn the individual victory, or try to save the rest of your squad, so their collective success is achieved.

Hide N Seek MOD APK

Simple and intuitive touch controls

Hide N Seek players with a Hide n Seek game on their Android can begin right out of the box with just simple and intuitive gameplay. You will figure out how to move your character and search for others in a few minutes. The first and simplest step is to press the one-touch controls to move your character around and choose the direction to search for the other.

Sound & Music

With exciting sound effects and suitably tuned music, Hide ‘N Seek MOD APK wants Android gamers to find a striking and intensely entertaining open-world game. Listen to the relaxing music and humorous sound effects, and enjoy the addicting levels you find.

Hide N Seek MOD APK


Today in Hide N Seek MOD APK, despite the simplicity of the illustrations, the game still makes an impressive showing of its remarkable and unconventional graphics to keep players eager to keep playing. And with its dual graphics and custom-made, smooth gameplay, you can also delight in the best of this game on your laptop, smartphone, and any other device.

Unlock the entire game with our mod

For anyone interested, you can now fully enjoy the unlocked gameplay of hiding  N Seek with our modded app. From our site, we offer unlimited in-game credits for you to want, ad-free gameplay so you won’t get bothered, and the free app will be available for download to the public. You must download the Hide  N Seek Mod app from our page, follow the instructions, and you’ll be playing it in no time.

Hide N Seek MOD APK

Free to play

Hide ‘n seek is a mobile game created for Android device users that’s currently FREE to download and play. It may be downloaded from the Play Store, and you’ll find many of the game’s offered features immediately accessible from the launch page. If you want to maximize the enjoyment, you get out of interest in joining Hide ‘n Seek. However, you’ll need to dedicate time to disturbance and in-app buys, allowing the game to keep running.

Have fun with the offline gameplay

Now you can avoid getting hooked on your device during the Hide N Seek arcade quest by loading a game of hiding  N Seek that you can play offline onto your mobile device. The offline mobile version of the game will allow you to enjoy the game even better, whether you enjoy it or not.

Unique costumes to unlock

In hiding’ n’ Seek, Android players can personalize various characters to suit their unique blend of skills. By selecting different costumes, you may play hide ‘n’ seek as any of the story’s other characters, such as perpetrators, pursuers, and wild animals.

Hide ‘N Seek MOD APK will feature exclusive maps with varying locations and dynamic in-game items. Feel free to have fun engaged in this new, fun mobile game with ponds of water where you can hide, maze walls to hide behind, vehicles that can shelter you from the Seeker, and more. Plus, you can get vocally and physically engaged with the wide variety of maps on land and water.

Final Thoughts

Those attracted to computer games now have another fantastic casual game option besides Join Clash 3D. Featuring the iconic trappings of hiding and seek exhaustive levels and fun gameplay, players of Android phone games will always have enjoyable gameplay. Plus, the feature-loaded version of the game is available on our internet site, which features even greater incentives just for looking.

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