Grand Theft Auto 3 MOD APK v1.9 (Unlimited Money, Cleo Menu)

It’s been years since the release of the first Grand Theft Auto 3 MOD APK, the first against series that inspired gamers to immerse themselves in the 3D open-world environment. With immersive gameplay and compelling storylines, it’s still considered to be one of the best GTA games up until today.

Additional Information

App Name Grand Theft Auto 3 MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 1 GB
Latest Version 1.9
Root Required No
Installs 1,000,000+ downloads
Required 7.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Rockstar Games
Update 1 day ago
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Now that you’re in Grand Theft Auto 3, live the ultimate gangster lifestyle and find the chance to do all sorts of dirty, criminal jobs. Ride around in the enormous city, experiencing the most stunning portion of your mission, and always aim to take revenge on your enemies who have abandoned you. You make sure you find yourself completely hooked on the dark and ruthless underworld of criminals in Liberty City.

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The game begins with a character getting into a situation where they must rob a bank. After taking over the guards and securing the money, you and your accomplices are ready to drive away from the scene as swiftly as possible. However, as you enter the car, you are suddenly betrayed by one of your closest allies. On the other hand, she set off without your conscious consent and escaped right away. After that, she was arrested and sent to prison. Sadly, her convoy ended up being attacked by the Colombian Cartel on the way to their destination.

Their target was an old Asian gentleman, but you and her prisoners managed to free yourself. Now, focused on acquiring revenge for yourself, your most significant objective is returning to Liberty City and taking revenge on the individuals who betrayed you. To do this, you must become intimately acquainted with the criminal communities of Liberty City. Take missions with the transnational gangs, evade the law, and combat the gangs who look for revenge against you. Immerse yourself completely in the criminal life in GTA 3.

Grand Theft Auto 3 MOD APK

Grand Theft Auto 3 MOD APK Features

The complete suite of exciting functions is integrated into Arnold’s game.

Play the game in your preferred languages

Gamers from GTA 3 can now enjoy their favorite video game in the game’s chosen language with support from Rockstar Games. Play your favorite game in the languages English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, and so on. This is not the first time you’ll never miss out on any events in this game.

Grand Theft Auto 3 MOD APK

Simplified and optimized control for touchscreen devices

An excellent new feature for Android gamers is that video games provide the touch screen platform. As a result, you’ll have no problem enjoying the game on Android. The flexibility of the optimized touch controls will allow you to enjoy engaging and seamless gameplay like never before, even on your Android device. The custom controls feature is also available in the Grand Theft Auto 3 game; therefore, players can adjust the game to control the management and graphics in a way that suits them best.

Gamers can enjoy this incredible game as they prefer, even if they have external gamepads. In addition to Immersion Haptic Vibration Feedback for enhanced gameplay, the game also offers Touch Controls, which are not very aesthetically pleasing.

Powerful arsenals to take advantage of

The video game provides a large variety of weapons to assist you in defeating its enemies, supplying you with a selection of pistols and rifles or sniper rifles to make sure you may finish the job. If you wish to carry out your recon, pick up the sniper rifle or whatever you prefer, and complete your assignment efficiently.

Dress up your character with fabulous clothes

Since you are expected to function as the underworld boss, it goes without saying that you would also need to take part in a famous criminal. In GTA 3, gamers will access many clothing stores, each with unique clothing designs and a great selection of accessories. Dress like a criminal if you want to have fun destroying your target area and its residents as you go about your journey.

Grand Theft Auto 3 MOD APK

Feel free to ride on multiple vehicles

The game features various vehicles that come in diverse designs and features. With that in mind, it is not uncommon to see yourself inadvertently stealing other cars or motorcycles on the street. Speeding up on roads and losing the cops that pursue you will be standard practice. On top of that, there are a lot of other places in the city where you can drive your car or motorcycle.

Spend your skill points on doing an outstanding and distinguished activity to record the information, and freeze yourself to a certain amount. Aside from that, people will appreciate it if you let them take the famed military vehicles in Grand Theft Auto 3, such as police cars, SWAT vehicles, helicopters, or tanks. Take your deadly war vessel for a ride on the city streets of Liberty City and make life miserable for residents.

Explore the massive open-world city

Grand Theft Auto 3 is the first mission in the automotive-themed series that brings players to an entire three-dimensional open world where they can engage in any criminal activity. Some activities include dealing drugs, street racing, or even apprehending local gangs. With countless hours of enjoyable action, you can enjoy traveling to multiple locations as you play Liberty City games. Pick up a range of activities that don’t all have anything to do with criminals.

Grand Theft Auto 3 MOD APK

Multiple characters to interact with

With a story packed with intriguing details and expansive gameplay, Grand Theft Auto 3 familiarizes players with many different individuals through character interactions. Each character plays a specific part in making Liberty City realize itself in certain ways. Go on interpersonal adventures to explore the stories you relate to particular characters. As you gain credibility and power in the city of Liberty, make new friends and fend off the gangs that will threaten you. Contend with the most challenging teams in the region, and of course, keep an eye for the notorious scoundrels who’d previously held you hostage.

Experience an in-depth storyline with captivating events

Grand Theft Auto 3 features an enthralling story vehicle for Grand Theft Auto fans. Wander through the city of Liberty to get a glimpse at all manner of life in the city. Navigate through the terrain to find different opportunities to survive the city’s challenges, prepare for exciting missions, and immerse yourself in a large branch of Grand Theft Auto. Find out how much people are willing to put their personal goals at risk in pursuit of a satisfying narrative. Discover an intriguing backstory that reveals emotional difficulties you’re unlikely to hear anywhere else on a mobile game.

Have the game completely unlocked with our mod

The game has been featured as a paid game on Google Play Store. However, you can download and install the GTA 3 Mod app without linking a credit card on either Google Play or the Apple App Store. Just look through our website for the missing documents to begin. And find the game challenging or some of the missions you have to complete are too tough to achieve. Applying our modification to the game can quickly get unlimited money and invincibility. Feel free to meet the game as you like in Grand Theft Auto 3 without facing the consequences.


Immerse yourself in the fantastic activities in GTA 3 by performing endless tasks. Enjoy the fun game environments with the immersive experience and realistic sound effects that make this city of sin appear. In addition, listening to the great songs from your radio tuned to the old days will twist and bring you back to the 2000s.


The gameplay has improved, thanks to superior graphics and enhanced visual quality compared with the first installment. All the in-game characters and cars have been remodeled to look even more extraordinary. In addition, you will also be able to access the exciting high-resolution gameplay that wasn’t available in the original game. Create your own immersive experience with a higher level of immersion with this game. And with customizable visual settings, players can create a gaming experience that suits them best.

These advances allow users with low-end equipment to appreciate greater-quality games. In addition, high-tier smartphone users will have the opportunity to enjoy the most immersive and exciting gameplay.

Final Thoughts

The excellent focus and controls in the video game Spider-Man elevate the knowledge and thrill of the adventure. It is also a good source for the famous GTA 3 game. Its pleasant visuals, smooth controls, and extensive content make it cost-free to enjoy. Hence, it would be best if you didn’t skip out on it.

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