Flippy Knife MOD APK v2.0.5 (MOD, Unlimited Coins)

Those attracted to knives might benefit from the unique video game created by Beresnev Games since it has played the game of knives safely despite its exceptional sharpness. I assure you that Flippy Knife MOD APK will not injure you while carefully slicing your knuckles.

Additional Information

App Name Flippy Knife MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 66 MB
Latest Version 2.0.2
Root Required No
Installs 10,000,000+ downloads
Required 4.4 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Beresnev Games
Update 1 day ago
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Everybody loves to see a beautiful knife, but everyone wants to play with the knife. Those who ignore everything but hold poke, but it’s hard for kids or adults to leave this bad habit. Yesterday, many readers remembered being reprimanded by their parents because they had played with knives.

Instead of getting rid of your phone for a different reason, you will smash it for this one. Let me enjoy this exciting game with you!


The Flippy Knife offers an array of various kinds of knives to play with. You can select from famous sorts, such as genuine Kabar and machete, to rare ones, such as a Japanese ken, pear knife, and an AK tree. There are methods you can buy some of them with coins accumulated in the computer game. However, particular types need to enter certain ads the platform shows; some gifted everyday attendance records.

Overall, Flippy Knife is an excellent arcade game. It enables you to learn how to do knife tricks you would not dare to do in real life. For example, you can juggle a Kanata or throw its AK and pear nose into the target. In addition, you may play the game offline, as it provides complete accessibility. Thus, it is the ideal option when you merely count the time while waiting for the train or going by.

Flippy Knife MOD APK

Flippy Knife MOD APK Features

Experience the Truest Feeling

The Flippy Knife also introduces the Flippy Knife Physics feature, allowing the knives to follow two principles of physical reproduction. The shape of the blade, its weight, and its orientation will affect how it will act when launched, cut, and turned in its target. A debut made in an alternate direction and force results in a different result than if that made the launch in the same order as a tweezer or a longer machete.

Flippy Knife MOD APK

Graphics and Sound

An attractive 3D image provides a picture of a wide selection of tools and weapons whose edges are outlined to appear exceptionally sharp. The animation of this game switches back and forth between dark and light. When the TNT bomb is activated in BUFFER mode, a catastrophe occurs, and then everything gets blown to smithereens, leaving nothing.

The music in the game is soothing, making it in the shape of knives floating through the air and process, while the knives plunging into the wood sound much more precise. The sound of TNT bomb explosions in BUS mode! Simulated perfectly real life, players will feel like they were bombed.

If one misses too many times in ARCADE mode, the player will get a very entertaining continuous complaint.

Different Knives to Choose

Players may pick anything from athletic clubs of all kinds to swords, axes, and Astros, and every knife is unique in shape and weight. Each player may freely change their blade in any mode, and the utensils of each player are transferred to an online account automatically after completing the daily quest; each version of the activity provides a certain amount of coins to your account. Meanwhile, personal belongings can be collected after earning a badge in the collectible, in which the player will be rewarded with coins corresponding to completion.

Flippy Knife MOD APK


The player of the projector knife will move the blade so that the tip sticks to the wooden play surface as the knife hits the ground. Several game modes arise that allow players to dispose of knives before the knife tip hits the floor. Players must purchase enough utensils to unlock another game mode in Flippy Knife. There are video games that simulate a throwing player with knives game, so Flippy Knife is a game that is similarly entertaining and enjoyable. The player controls the knife by flipping it to the proper targets. Although it is pretty simple, this video game is full of challenges. It calls for players to think carefully and be patient while participating in this game.

The name Flippy Knife also reminds you of the bat Flappy Bird. It wasn’t hard to discover what this game consisted of. When you’re fumbling around on Flappy Knife, the most fantastic feeling in the world is realizing that the meat is now within reach. It’s a fun collection of knife games. Each game has a different way of calculating points and playing differently, but generally, unfortunately, you will strive for countless millions to crawl through the game screen. These games are:

  1. Combo: This is the most straightforward game that can be described through 3 words “juggling knife.” The knife will be mounted on a wooden base. You need to swipe up on the game to calculate the direction and force tossed according to the interaction length before you let go.
  2. BOOM: This entertaining game mode requires players to break the boards to detonate TNT bombs. Please calculate carefully before launching the knife because the player only has three turns. If the dagger is correct, the toss will not go away, and the player can reuse it. The turn of the knife is only lost in case the player misses.
  3. Arcade: The knife move is quite impressive. You will launch the knife from left to right like playing with angry birds, so the knife flies and sticks its nose right into the front pedestal.
  4. Climb: Climb high with a knife. You will control the knife to launch to the sides of the wall to go up and chase the drone to get the coin. If the blade plugs the nose into the wall as if you have climbed a successful step, the wall will have many changes, not flat, and if you miss the tip, you will have to start over.
  5. Target: One of the classics is knife throwing. You have to launch the blade to plug into the card; the more coins it hits in the middle. Suppose the target missed or failed to insert the nose into the target. If you hit it many times in a row, the coin reward box will drop for you to pick up.

The knife may deftly flip, lift and swing on the ground. If it glides on end, you will duly succeed so long as your nose is on the base. How can you follow if the knife does not hug the future or go off the ground? You can tell that some experience points will be gained after every successful combo, which may not always be gathered in one place. Following the amount of copper earned and the large reward you racked up from previous coins triumphs, the premium may be several hundred coins.

The next time you arrive on the platform, you better not disobey basic safety rules, or if you fly to the base, you’ll get hurt. If you plug your nose down the bottom, you will receive some coins and can sometimes get a prize on another pedestal to help. You will likely collect several coins if you do not successfully maneuver between these platform stages. In this mode, the player does not worry about losing the wrath of the knife because he can start over at the point he just threw the knife.

Seeing, aligning angles, and throwing strength are the skills players are supposed to do to get tossed. The essential thing is the player’s patience and the power of their reflexes. Ooh! The fun and enjoyable modes of the Flippy Knife aren’t the only things this toy game offers: you can also play various games using this toy knife in several types of shapes. These knives can be mined from a singular knife, so you must spend the ones you mine to purchase a distinctive one.

Flippy Knife MOD APK

Final Thoughts

Flippy Knife MOD APK is a hard time for gamers since throwing knives is entertaining and demands players in many different ways. The game also impresses gamers by producing a unique, challenging knife with shapes they did not anticipate. Download Flippy Knife today and become a knife master.

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