Fighting Star MOD APK v1.0.3 (MOD, Free purchase / Free shopping)

Investigate the excellent and agreeable battling encounters with genuine contenders. Plunge into epic matchups and partake in the beautiful battles with available in-game controls. Fighting Star MOD APK offers astonishing MMA encounters that many of you couldn’t want anything more than to appreciate. Moreover, above all, the changed highlights will dazzle most gamers.

Additional Information

App Name Fighting Star MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 29 MB
Latest Version 1.0.2
Root Required No
Installs 5,000,000+ downloads
Required 4.1 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Doodle Mobile Ltd.
Update 1 day ago
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The universe of epic activities and military craftsmanship abilities in MMA has never disappointed us with astonishing encounters. What’s more, I’m almost sure that there are a couple of times that you would want to have the option to jump into the battling encounters and partake in the genuine MMA matchups, similar to how an expert warrior would.

With this fascinating portable game from Doodle Versatile Ltd, Android gamers will participate in excellent battling interactivity and authentic MMA activities. Make your warriors, set up your profile, and endeavor to participate in the thrilling in-game activities with Fighting Star MOD APK at whatever point you’re prepared.

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Android gamers will take on a final excursion to turn into an MMA champion in the game. Make your player with unique profiles and start your endeavor to conquer the military craftsmanship world at whatever point you need. Provoke different contenders before you can get your matchups with the top-level MMA champions. Win against them as you advance through your vocation’s ongoing interaction.

With top to bottom and drawing in interactivity, Battling Star will initially acquaint gamers with its great battles with practical components and great controls. What’s more, investigate the top-to-bottom in-game movements, which will precisely imitate your in-game headways. Yet, in particular, the solid in-game visuals will snare you to the habit-forming battling difficulties.

Fighting Star MOD APK

Fighting Star MOD APK Features

Here are just a few of the stunning features of the game:

Interesting achievements to complete with lots of rewards to pick up

During your career or quick battle gameplay, Android gamers can enjoy the in-battle options they offer in addition to their award grants and accomplishments. Among your competing gameplay choices, explore the various challenges available and make sure to complete them to free up rewards. Just have fun while seeking to meet procedural challenges.

Fighting Star MOD APK

Customize and personalize your fighters with tons of options

Making Fighting Star more entertaining, they have added a new character and customized options, which you can readily select and possess. With many different gears and items, you can increase your stats and significantly enhance the appearance of your fighters. Therefore, please do not hesitate to purchase and play with these great options!

Multiple upgrades to power up your fighters

Whichever of your future opponents you decide to play against, you can improve your fighters’ abilities by finishing the numerous cool in-depth updates that appear in the game when you are engaged with the tasks of fighting. These upgrades will let you exercise more hard-hitting strikes, improve durability, and more agility. So don’t dismiss all these cool upgrades.

Train hard like a professional MMA fighter

In conjunction with becoming a great fighter, every MMA athlete must stretch himself to the limit and go through a long series of stern training sessions. And as you’ll be at the forefront of that, you’ll need to devote the utmost measure of your physical training efforts. Here, participants of Android video games are not enthralled by the well-crafted training activities and go through challenging levels of gameplay tests to boost themselves.

Fighting Star MOD APK

A variety of realistic and authentic techniques

Now you can access the Fighting Star saga’s authentic and fascinating gaming experiences. Make your skills as a fighter strong so you can perfect your strategies when confronting your adversary.
Visit the official website for the Fighting Star saga, and enjoy the practical and authentic techniques by training your fighter abilities. Take your time to improve your fighting techniques so you can have your best executions in combat.

Enjoy the engaging control with full-fledged options

To make the game seriously fascinating, Android gamers in Battling Star will end up taking on legendary battles with a warrior mentality. Subsequently, you’re allowed to get any of your incredible contender abilities and take on your rivals effortlessly.

Plunge, evade, or wind to avoid their assaults—also, time for your ideal developments to strike once more. The sky is the limit with the undeniable in-game controls, which will permit you to change up and go after your adversaries without any problem. Furthermore, with each move having its cooldown clock, you’ll need to work out everything you might do as an expert warrior would.

Have fun with the available quick fights

At the same time, feel free to explore the exciting, quick fights of Fighting Star as you take on any opponents of your choice. Enjoy the intriguing battles with attractive and exciting MMA moves. Enjoy the short runs to enjoy the game, even for several minutes. And you have the chance to pick up some cool rewards when you defeat your foes. What’s more, it’s available to pick up attractive prizes whenever you defeat your enemies. Furthermore, picking up exciting payouts when you beat competitors is possible.

Fighting Star MOD APK

Create your own MMA fighters and embark on your exciting journeys

First and foremost, Android gamers in Battling Star can rapidly wind up participating in excellent contender interactivity with their MMA warriors. Go ahead and set up your exciting profile with the favored data before you take on a definitive battling excursion to become a legend.

Begin your profession by battling the low-level contenders and get past the intriguing competitions. Also, as you progress, an ever-increasing number of testing rivals will be accessible for you to call and appreciate. Battle and win them all to progress in the game and make the most out of your profession.

Free to play

Despite the exciting gameplay features Android gamers in Fighting Star enjoy, they still have access to their beloved mobile gameplay free of charge. All that is necessary is to navigate to the Play Store to access the free download; no need for payment is needed.

Enjoy unlimited money with our mod.

On the other hand, with all the ads and in-game purchases included as part of its freemium design, Fighting Star will likely annoy you while you’re playing. So, to make the most of the fully customizable and ad-free gameplay and many cool features, you may wish to download the Fighting Star Mod APK from our website. Proton Mod APK is available on our site.


In addition to the game’s superior-level visuals, Fighting Star has extraordinary audio prowess, allowing players to immerse themselves in the exciting contests and challenges fully. Now, you can enjoy your exciting matches and fights while immersing yourself in real adventures. Thus, allowing the game’s visuals and sounds to enjoy added appeal.


The game offers staggering 3D illustrations that you won’t track down on numerous accessible portable titles to work on your battling encounters in Battling Star. Here, every one of the warriors was appropriately planned and displayed to all the more likely coordinate their physical science with their specific arrangements of abilities. Furthermore, simultaneously, the vivid stage and significant battle rings will cause you to feel like you’re trapped in real fights.

Also, reasonable developments and physical science will help your general battling encounters. Also, on account of the undemanding illustrations, the game currently flaunts its smooth and fulfilling in-game encounters for Android gamers to appreciate on the vast majority of their gadgets, even the low-closes.

Final Thoughts

For those interested in the fascinating gameplay of Real Steel Boxing Champions and Shadow Fight 3, you can always enjoy the exciting battles in Fighting Star. Go on and jump into the immersive combat gameplay, immerse yourself on your exciting journey, take on all your adversaries in thrilling battles, and most importantly, always immerse yourself in the game.

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