Doofus Drop MOD APK v1.0.49 (Unlimited Stars)

Anyone who loves the exciting and unpredictable attacks of Doofus Drop MOD APK will surely enjoy their interaction with the colorful and fantastic world of Cookies Must Die this time around. Players experience a break from the bloody attacks, instead finding themselves entirely engrossed by the challenging, monochromatic elements in Doofus Drop.

Additional Information

App Name Doofus Drop MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 120 MB
Latest Version 1.0.46
Root Required No
Installs 1,000,000+ downloads
Required 5.1 and up
MOD Free
Genre Casual
Curious Labs
Update 1 day ago
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Play around with the fascinating free jumper interactivity as you take your Doofus Drop character through a progression of charming rides with the silly ragdoll physical science and novel in-game components. Acquaint your thrilling person with his awe-inspiring undertakings through different landscapes with great hindrances and outlandish animals to keep away from.

Furthermore, in particular, stay a similar fascinating component of out-of-control developments regarding Cookies Must Die as you partake in this intriguing ongoing interaction of Doofus Drop with an alternate methodology.

Curious Labs provides our dedicated reviews of the fantastic mobile title from their corporation.


To begin with, you will get a simple, straightforward, and accessible mobile video game of athletics action in Doofus Drop. Riding your video game character by pushing his bike and achieving a soar as he hits a splintering. Strive to complete as much as possible as you execute your remarkable jumps below the hill. Overcome all of the challenges and objectives as you achieve the aim. Players of mobile games will particularly enjoy the exciting in-game levels they offer, choosing gear, abilities, and other attributes to use in conjunction with the characters’ flight. Try out some racing levels that are fun, dangerous, and full of action.

At Doofus Drop, players will find themselves enjoying the quirky and fun movements and incredibly adorable ragdoll physics of their characters. The game’s peculiar ragdoll physics and hilarious character engineering will also make it fun to play.

Doofus Drop MOD APK Features

Of the game’s many features, here is a couple I’m excited about.

The excellent fart mechanics to help your fly

Gamers in the Android gaming network can choose to engage in their own enjoyable, in-game experiences, which offer the remarkable and hilarious farts you may enjoy. Let your gaseous emissions soar to your fullest extent and hit the most incredible distances of your doofus rating. Feel free to have fun in exciting game-play with Doofus Drop.

Doofus Drop MOD APK

Go for the ultimate drops despite the epic mountain obstacle.

Assuming you’re searching for a very specific and open portable title that is similarly fun and charming to have on your Android gadgets, then, at that point, you can continuously live it up in this magnificent ongoing interaction of Doofus Drop. Have a good time resisting the scary downhill mountain ways with numerous impediments hindering your methodologies and moving drops to execute. Here, in Doofus Drop, you can draw in yourself in the tremendous portable interactivity of quickly dropping and make your awe-inspiring drops with huge spans.

Complete multiple objectives and achievements to unlock special rewards

Depending on your enjoyment of the game, you could also see a host of other exciting things while having fun, such as its outstanding awards and intriguing in-game objectives. Enjoy the game’s exceptional achievements and special requirements and can only unlock special rewards. Regardless, the game offers you special badges you will discover nowhere else.

Challenge your friends and online gamers for the best distances

To make the game more entertaining, Android players Doofus Drop can also engage in the fantastic online experiences of free-falling. You’re able to make your very best leaps with brilliantly timed techniques and rewards to unlock the best scores possible. Then have your scores uploaded online so you can compete with other players. See your friends who are also playing.

Doofus Drop MOD APK

Make use of the hilarious power-ups and items.

You can also deal with many of the exciting challenge scenarios in the game and complete all the expensive stars you earn. Have fun interacting with all the fascinating features as you get paid for items and abilities that will improve your characters’ speed and capacity. Try to make your feelings more climbing and slippery, increase the amount of farting they can do, and empower the leaps steadily as you unlock your entertaining boost items.

Enjoy the unlocked gameplay on our website.

We’ve also laid out a way for you to download our specific type of Doofus Drop on this website. There, you will have easy access to all of the game’s unlockable features, have an unlimited number of funds, and there will be no advertisements to bother you. You must download our similar game Play Store APK file and complete the instructions on our site.

Free to play

Play Store gamers that like the crazy, chaotic gameplay of Doofus Drop can now have a fun time playing their cost-free handheld game of record any place at any time. As a result, there’s no need to pay for the game, and you can go on playing it whenever you like.

Doofus Drop MOD APK

Enjoy the game with or without the Internet.

Doofus Drop allows Android users who want to take a break from the violence of their game to connect with the outside world with more excitement and elements. Engage yourself with your favorite mobile game, even with no internet connection. Now, feel free to explore your choice’s fun, exciting game world fully.

Sound & Music

Doofus Drop invites Android gamers to engage in mobile 2D gaming with interesting gaming visuals in one of its audio experts. Players can enjoy the exciting audio of their free-falling move while listening to the entertaining and wacky audio sliders. This makes the jumps a lot more fun and enjoyable.


Unlike other android games, despite their simplistic pictures, Doofus Drop keeps its colorful and intricate style. The game’s monochrome visual style incorporates only two simple colors, black and white. Additionally, the weirdly interesting visuals aren’t also insignificant, and the entire game can be learned very quickly. Most importantly, its simplicity enables players to enjoy the game very quickly.

Doofus Drop MOD APK

Final Thoughts

For those who want to check out the game, you will undoubtedly find this casual and easily accessible game of Doofus Drop stand out from other games developed for Android. With its complex and unique layouts and straightforward and enjoyable gameplay, Doofus Drop is a game you will always find great joy with. Plus, with the original and unpolluted game versions available free of charge, this photo-based arcade game continues to be accessible.

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