Dead Target MOD APK v4.95.0 [Unlimited Gold/Money]

Come along with your guns and get along with other players within the addictive and epic 3D shooting Secret Service mission. With your extraordinary shooting skills, you will have the chance to survive many zombies Dead Target MOD APK. Enjoy the exciting 3D shooter and immerse yourself in action-packed missions.

Additional Information

App Name Dead Target MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 148 MB
Latest Version 4.93.0
Root Required No
Installs 100,000,000+ downloads
Required 5.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Update 1 day ago
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Alongside tens of millions of other players, unite all over the world to fight off hordes of perpetually evolving zombies so the world can remain habitable. Win challenging battles for the individuals, struggle for your survival, and stay alert to danger in this sought-after and action-packed shooter.

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The action drama series takes place in future years when the devastation of World War II has destroyed the world. Human life has changed substantially because of the unpredictable scale of the war. Terror and terror filled the land as humans fled their houses to survive. Powerful weapons began the race toward other nations’ territories. War escalated, especially in the wakefulness of weapons of mass destruction.

As a result, borderlands have become so twisted that no human could enter them except a corpse. But no one knows, from the tumult of warfare, a dangerous illness is being released in the borderline of the countries. It quickly devours the last of those left in the region and extends into the mainland. Zombie assaults are a significant issue to humanity. Human beings are currently teaming up to overcome these horrific attacks. Will you make an effort to control the powerful and evil zombie assaults? It will depend on you. Join millions of online players, take weapons, and collaborate in zombie shooting tournaments. The fate of the world is in your hands.

Dead Target MOD APK Features

You can find all the exciting characteristics the game offers here.

Take on multiple challenges to take down the zombies and earn awesome rewards.

To collect the valuables contained in Dead Target, players can participate in addictive quests. Pick up your preferred weapons and take on fascinating challenges. Take down various monsters to earn experiences and increase your rank. Unlock cool weapons and gear so that you can advance in your journey. In addition, the game includes some of the weirdest and most absurd monsters you’ve ever seen.

Dead Target MOD APK

Incredible boosts that can completely change the tide of the battle

Gamers are often outfitted with powerful gear that drastically improves their abilities. Pick up later on from something as simple as enhancing your damages, accuracy, or firing rate to remarkable rewards that provide an actual tactical advantage, not even when you fight with your teammates.

Enjoy powerful weapons with unique powers.

The game’s players can use several different weapons when the zombies appear, each of which has other characteristics. They may be pretty helpful when overcoming any kind of enemy. Pick up quite a lot to choose from several types of weapons with diverse ranges, such as SMGs, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, and more. In addition, you can also make use of the upgrade options and adjust your weapons in whatever way you favor. Learn how to use and customize every single gun; subsequently, you are the skilled one.

Different zombies with unique powers to test your capabilities

The game brings players into a full-fledged zombie system where you are bound to deal with all sorts of zombies. Each zombie has a designated variety of powers and abilities you’ll have to use to kill it. As the game advances, you will continue dealing with even more powerful and sophisticated zombies. The most crucial point is that you will also face the most prosperous social role, which can be held by zombies one after another. Ensure that well-thought-out so you can stand your ground against knocks from them.

Dead Target MOD APK

Survive the apocalypse as you emerge in epic shooting challenges

Find yourself in this fantastic shooting contest where you have no alternative except to win. Lose, and the rest of the world will be destroyed by the undead. Pick up your weapons and prepare yourself before hordes of the undead overwhelm you. Remain extremely effective and alert so that you might win often.

Unlock unlimited access with our mod

With a small amount of time, installing the Dead Target Mod APK file on your phone would be more beneficial than undertaking minor quests. Likewise, we have locked all the gaming functions to make the game readily accessible for you, pay for items without paying, play without any advertisements, etc. Download the Dead Target Mod APK file and install it on your phone.

Free to play

You can conveniently play the game for free on Google Play Store, so you can easily download it to your smartphone. It has in-app purchases that you will not find annoying if you’re dedicated to completing them. Multiple gameplay modes and rewards make it possible for you to match the paid players’ success eventually.

Dead Target MOD APK

Challenge online gamers in intense leaderboard shooter matches

Of course, the game includes fantastic online gameplay where you can compete against each other in action-packed zombie shooting activities. Help each other as you safeguard the planet from being invaded by zombies. Or compete with other online players from all over the world in ranking shooter games. Have your statistics compared to others to find out who is foremost?

Play the game without the Internet connection

The game can be played on many devices without going online, which is a big deal. With that said, the game can be enjoyed entirely offline due to the portability of the item. Furthermore, your progress will be preserved once you log in to the Internet.

A variety of different maps with utterly unique gameplay

The game introduces players to various attractive maps stocked with distinct gameplay choices. In this setting, you have the chance to earn some cash by invariably fighting against the zombies in cramped places, on huge battlefields, around hundreds of them, or against seasoned enemy combatants. Make the best use of your surroundings and tactical decisions and defeat the zombies. Correctly fire from one of the largest arsenals at your disposal and unlock potent weapons.


With the novel and exciting shot results, Dead Target introduces players to one of the most immersive shooting games on the mobile platform.

Dead Target MOD APK


This game is exceptionally immersive and contains impressive graphics for a game on a mobile device. You’ll find yourself immersed in a console-type video game shooting the undead within this awesome game. You are enjoying the beautiful views while unleashing the weapons of destruction. Get a taste of realistic blood and lighting effects in a video game in ways you simply can’t experience on any other device. And most notably, Dead Target also comes with handy adjustable graphics options. If you want to adjust the video resolution on your low-end devices, it’s a snap.

Final Thoughts

Fans shooting games similar to zombie movies will find this game exceedingly addictive. I look forward to getting helplessly trapped by your adversaries in this challenging game.

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