Burger Shop MOD APK v1.6.2 (Unlimited money)

In Burger Shop MOD APK, you adjacent to your restaurant by fretting about adding various dishes to the menu for your customers to select from. The greatest fascination of this game is that, instead of just food preparation, you can offer dishes such as omelets and bbq to the mix. There is a comprehensive collection of over 110 trophies to select from, which will keep you entertained throughout your journey.

Additional Information

App Name Burger Shop MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 35 MB
Latest Version 1.6.2
Root Required No
Installs 10,000,000+ downloads
Required 4.4 and up
MOD Free
Genre Casual
GoBit Games
Update 1 day ago
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Play Burger Shop and enjoy the fantastic customization options in a massive, world-class restaurant on your Android-powered smartphone. Stock shelves with fresh food, creating new offerings, serving your customers, and decorating the place with a wide variety of things from the menu are some of the significant challenges in this game. Establish yourself as a deserving restaurateur in time-management games.


Burger Shop MOD APK is a game about being a hamburger shop owner and developing your restaurant into a worldwide fast-food empire. In this PC game, you will be a hamburger shop owner and handle your business into a global culinary empire. Burger Shop’s popularity means that many people like playing this PC game on their smartphone or Android. However, one day, a Burger Shop player who finds himself in a garbage dump with a bald spot on his head shows up at your restaurant.

The restaurant is closed, and you have no memory of what happened. Regarding the Burger Shop franchise, players will start from scratch, Window Cleaning away any thoughts of the previous hamburger industry. While cooking delicious burgers and other food, you must preserve waiting time to your customer’s satisfaction.

Afterward, upgrade your kitchen so clients can order diverse dishes such as burgers, cheese rolls, fried chicken sandwiches, potato salad, pizza, donuts, and many more. Burger Restaurant players can travel throughout the town and satisfy hungry customers. At the same time, you may learn the truth behind Burger Chef’s junk food empire. The game gives you access to over 100 different levels designed with beautiful graphics, positive sound effects, and colorful backgrounds.

Burger Shop MOD APK

Burger Shop MOD APK Features

Overall Assessments

Your job is not simply to deliver food to hungry customers. Don’t forget to cook the food and return it to your customers’ tables, in addition to remembering to perceive the consequences of playing the game on the difficulty levels of each level. After each level in the gameplay, you can select an ingredient to add to your following food menu. Your job is not simply to deliver food to hungry customers. Don’t forget to cook the food and give it to your customers’ tables, in addition to remembering to perceive the consequences of playing the game on the difficulty levels of each level. After each level in the gameplay, you can select an ingredient to add to your following food menu.

Burger Shop MOD APK

Making clothes and serving are close together, and Burger Shop has developed a reputation for challenging the precision required for both activities. What makes it a great place to meet up is how it manages games with the physical task of a large group of players. It’s easy to make errors using the enzyme appliance, and your fingers are tiny when you operate it. Letdown is the most demanding facet of the journey. If your experience is a failure, a smidgen of alcohol before you set out at the dining table won’t cause any harm. Whenever you choose a small slice of beer, coca, or wine, it will be a marginally welcome contrast to the complexity of the unique dishes.

If you’re overwhelmed by the large numbers of customers compared to the conveyor belt, you’re unlikely to let this happen. After rebooting the energy bar, a flying robot can immediately take your order when you’re the last customer to remain. You’ll likely also enjoy higher revenue from happy customers by offering free cakes to clients bringing their pets to your restaurant. To meet your peak potential, you must carefully master every facet of your restaurant.

Burger Shop MOD APK

Recommended Alternative: Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama simulates and accurately measures the steps involved in preparing ingredients and then making the food you select on the menu. You will prepare the specific dishes in your kitchen. It’s straightforward to operate. Just push the buttons and touch. Initial containers will have explicit instructions on how to make them. Always read the preparation of the first dish thoroughly to have a break from cooking and put yourself at ease. Besides being in the kitchen, Cooking Mama has many other video games you can switch to when you feel the kitchen becomes monotonous.

In particular, take care of your farm, fire trees, feed fun restaurants, fish, farm, and finally, a fun market. For the recipes, you have saved, have the restaurant menu for those dishes available. To offer a rich menu, to stay in the kitchen and make new recipes to prepare for customers. However, in the restaurant, the player needs to collect happy foods. These are the necessary ingredients to build dishes in the restaurant.


Have you ever thought about changing fries? Making burgers will be fun. If not, then surely you must try Burger Shop. Burger Shop has a unique style of play and is an excellent game if you like culinary arts. However, what Burger Shop has in it will appeal much to the players. Still, if you have to get excellent service or experience, the majority of the personnel employed in the restaurant will have to work for it. Remain favorable to the end. In short, determining whether or not you’ll enjoy it depends mainly on what happens in the game. Considered a shareware version of Burger Shop, Burger Shop contains several customizations from the original version.

Serving and running a fast-food restaurant isn’t as easy as you might expect, from ensuring your customers are satisfied to watching all your food. It requires a group of players who can use ingenuity to address potential problems. Follow through on any challenges you have to do. To a restaurant, retaining the amount of food waste and staying in line with the customer receivables are the utmost priorities. The quality of service, along with the signature menu items, is crucial for expanding the customer base in the game. Your customers’ fast food preferences are another essential factor in your success.

To increase your success in the game, the divine machines will help you assist your customers with different eating preferences. Burger Shop strives to prepare and serve food correctly. Burger Shop is an extensive conveyor line that looks like a hot pot or buffet restaurant, except that the food is constantly moved about. Food remains put while customer after customer exchanges seats and orders food.

Burger Shop MOD APK

Final Words

The menu in Burger Shop doesn’t have the visual appeal of any other game. But the exclusive gameplay and fast-paced aesthetics make Burger Shop MOD APK a great match. If you are looking for a game in which you are expected to think sharply and quickly, be sure to choose Burger Shop. There are 80 diverse levels among the eight scenes in the game, such as six restaurants you must tongue-in-cheek clear. You can gradually improve up to 60 items and tools, and on top of that, there are four fun-filled game modes, including Story Mode, Relax Mode, Challenge Mode, and Expert Story.

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