Block Strike MOD APK v7.4.6 (Unlimited Money)

For those interested in the ordinary, shooter-based game, the game below from Reset Studio will be great for you as you dive into thrilling shooting experiences. In Block Strike MOD APK, Android players will have great opportunities to enjoy in-depth and exciting shooter gameplay with accessible and undemanding visuals on most Android devices. Hence, it will be possible for the gamer to enjoy the overall experience.

Additional Information

App Name Block Strike MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 129 MB
Latest Version 7.4.1
Root Required No
Installs 10,000,000+ downloads
Required 4.4 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Rexet Studio
Update 1 day ago
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Take part in an interactive shooter with a carefully produced polygon design and quick gameplay, have fun with lots of cool missions with smooth, aesthetically pleasing graphics, and explore in-depth assessed shooting. Feel top-quality enjoyment of intense shooter gaming with other players and ringers as you delve deeper into the phenomenon and action-packed gameplay.

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While playing an Android game, players can expect to be able to play great shooting experiences with smooth and pleasing animations. Have fun with your pixelated characters with simple and uncomplicated designs, vast environments, and many interactive features. Engage in various exciting shooter levels with different setups, and have fun in the many game modes with multiple gameplay experiences.

And, of course, for those of you who wish, the game also offers thrilling online matches in which you can join friends from all over the earth and participate in the world of their favorite shooting games. Admire the speed and agility of the team at Block Strike and discover numerous game-rich online competitions as you advance. On your mobile, get the most accessible and enjoyable gameplay of FPS games whenever it is that you desire. Have fun with the portable and fulfilling FPS games whenever you want to dive into their gameplay. And experience the FPS gameplay in a lot more user-friendly fashion.

Block Strike MOD APK Features

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Dive into awesome fights with incredible weapons

Block Strike provides different firearm alternatives for you in the middle of the fighting around the circle’s center. Here, you may bullet-shoot, machine gun blast, submergible gun splash, zero-special observe your shotguns, sniper rifles, and even bazookas at a distance from your enemies. Alternatively, you can take pleasure in the thrill of the melee battle using a simple and accessible firearm.

Block Strike MOD APK

Discover excellent maps with varied setups

To pique the interest of your holographic in-game shootouts, Block Strike also introduces Android players to several different locations with beautiful setups that are great settings for shooters to immerse themselves in their games fully. With that being said, with almost 60 unique places that would take you through dozens of new worlds and addictive gameplay experiences, Android gamers in Block Strike can enjoy the thrill.

Block Strike MOD APK

Enjoy the game in different game modes.

The impressive action in Block Striker is made perfectly fit for various tastes with player options for iOS, Android, and PC.

  • Team Deathmatch – Start your shooter experiences with the simple and exhilarating gameplay of the shooter in the endless battles from Team Deathmatch. Choose your preferred team and go against the other as you aim for the highest kill scores.
  • Death Run – Have fun while running for your life in this hilarious title of a free runner in the game. Try your best and execute the quickest movements as you effectively rush away from the chasing enemies.
  • Hunger Games – Join the epic survival challenges with other teams, in which gamers will find themselves fighting with their teammates to stay alive. Takedown other teams so that you can be the last one standing.
  • Zombie Survival – Discover the unique zombie apocalypse-themed battles in which gamers are always on their run from the nasty monsters. Take them down with your guns and brace yourself for the upcoming waves of monsters.
  • Bunny Hop – You’ll find the Bunny Hop mechanics familiar to those who’ve played and enjoyed the classic Counterstrike gameplay. That being said, this mode allows gamers to show off their skills by performing accurate and incredible jumps that will enable them to effectively reach the final destination in the quickest amount of time.

These are some of the top game modes of Block Strike, which you would do well to check out for yourself. That said, having an adventurous personality should help you enter into your Block Strike odysseys and relish even more exciting gameplay.

Simple and intuitive touch controls introduce you to the game.

To begin with, players in Block Strike will be free to enjoy exciting mobile shooter experiences with intuitive and easy touchscreen controls. In this game, you’ll find yourself instantly getting adjusted to the authorities and enjoying the fun aspects of the game. Get yourself enveloped in fantastic shooter activities with the help of intuitive controls. Conduct yourself effectively as you cope with the in-game actions.

Block Strike MOD APK

Have fun with unlocked gameplay on our mod

While the game is free to download and has fun gameplay, you can still experience some premium in-game customizations by downloading and installing our custom Block Strike Mod APK. This mod is unavailable anywhere in the main game.

Free to play

The incredible video game features available in Block Strike for Android gamers will also be preserved for past participants, regardless of whether they have paid for the game. Nevertheless, the game can be free, and the downloadable video game is currently offered on Google Play.

Customize your gameplay with multiple skins and stickers

Since you’ll be playing on the internet with friends and other online players, having your characters’ outfits and presentation as you wish is recommended so that while taking part in virtual adventures, you may stand out. The game is also ideal for different businesses and skins for your characters. To top it off, it’s also possible to make alterations as you’re most likely interested in seeing them. That would be the most suitable time if you wanted to create exclusive stickers and impressive graphics associated with virtually any sort of weapon. Have fun playing the exciting gameplay of Block Strike and making individualized weapons to be satisfied by your rivals.

Block Strike MOD APK


Block Strike also offers a valuable role in the Android sandbox to this set of various gamers with its fantastic audio, onboard graphics, and remarkable game-play opportunities. Here, you’ll have a tremendous opportunity to get involved in campaigns that will immerse you entirely in a fantastic interactive experience, beautiful sounds of gunshots coming in random directions, and an amusing soundtrack that further enhances the game.


Block Strike offers accessible and delightful action game experiences for gamers on Android and iOS with detailed visuals. Despite simple graphics, the platform has even Android players seeking to participate in the shootouts with brilliant visuals.

Final Thoughts

Block Strike would be the subsequent interest if you want to be unblocked, open, and optimal mobile shooting games. The game has well-optimized and accessible gameplay, allowing many players from around the world and sometimes even directly into conflict in exciting shooting games. And yet it is entirely free to play.

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