Bed Wars MOD APK v1.9.2.1 (Unlimited Money/Gcubes)

Bed Wars MOD APK is considered a version of Minecraft featuring content focused on bed battles. It was essential to ensure that your bed remained unharmed, which would defeat or capture your rival’s bed.

Additional Information

App Name Bed Wars MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 115 MB
Latest Version
Root Required No
Installs 50,000,000+ downloads
Required 4.4 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Blockman GO studio
Update 1 day ago
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Blockman Go poses participants as players in Bed Wars MOD APK, allowing them to fight for their goals by utilizing their bed as a battleground. Instead of protecting their prized possession, players defend their base and fight back against the opposing team to win. Players familiar with Game of War: Fire Age games may recognize Bed Wars’s gameplay as similar. However, the goal is to protect your bed instead of protecting eggs.


Magical Blocks, an inspiration for the Bed Wars game, is a building and survival video game. The specific mission that the game has is clear. You are needed to build beds and keep the prospection of other players from blocking the bottom of them. You can create obstacles for the challengers to put their beds down in Bed Wars at first.

Then, the game will spawn four groups of 16 players, and each player will go to one of the islands. Like Minecraft’s island, the island is the optimal resource-gathering environment for the players. Things include essential materials for making armor and places to store and move those materials. You will have to hide every bed on the island. Players can start gathering resources and crafting weapons when the required time arrives.

Each village on four different island continents was divided in half. Players on the four teams were evenly divided into four sections. Participants may return to a zombie town only if it is still functional. There are curated resources to assist gamers in the zombie town, along with rare duplicates and gold-plated firearms. You also can use equipment and square blocks to extract additional resources in the central village. Build bridges into the enemy’s town, shoot the beds, and kill them. The team that can survive until the end will win the match.

Bed Wars MOD APK

Bed Wars MOD APK Features

GamePlay Bed Wars

Bed Wars is one of the best Minecraft games to date. It features the calm setting of the Old Town game mode, although you and your teammates will compete with other teams. What you call winning is to protect your bed. What determines victory in this mode? This game is ridiculous, but the Bed Wars fever is occurring throughout the world of Minecraft.

Bed Wars is a game mode where players will fight against one another to protect their team’s bed from being attacked by other groups. In this game, you will wind up on an island, and there will be a bed in front of the island. It serves as the goal for you to resist other teams. To clarify the gameplay of Bed Wars, it’s apparent that you try to protect your team’s bed and destroy the opposing side.

  • Iron – Gold: These are two types of minerals used to buy basic blocks of weapons and tools. Iron – Gold will be in the center of the base. Collect as much iron and gold as to buy a barrier-building block to protect your Team Bed.
  • Diamond: It appears around the main islands of the playing teams. There will be islands that spawn diamonds. Go through diamond spawn islands to earn and upgrade features and equipment such as Respawn Machine, Sword, Armor, and Tools.
  • Emeralds: Right at the largest island in the center, there will be the spawning place of emeralds. Please collect emeralds to buy more advanced items and protect your bed from the enemy. Try to protect your mattress from being torn off. If they destroy the bed, you cannot respawn after being killed and will lose the game.
Bed Wars MOD APK

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Overall Assessments

At the start of the match, we will drop four teams into four different islands, where there will typically be a bed that you need to guard. The bed is the goal that all players strive for. If your mattress is intact, it will be revived every time you are wounded. Destroying the bed means you will lose the match and quit the battle. You were forgoing to the enemy islands to face and break the opponent’s bed.

The creator of Bed Wars utilizes similar images and videos to Minecraft, making the game more appealing to the players. The setting is created contrastingly and harmoniously, using a lovely bed as the central design motif. The success of Minecraft will ensure that Bed War’s graphical content will never disappoint. The characters in the game are detailed and vivid, with unique behaviors that are individual from other games. They focus on developing weapons with a range of shades and seem. The music in the game’s background is not used to create players’ focus so they can communicate and work together using tactics. The sound of walking or fighting can be heard.

Bed Wars MOD APK

Game Highlights

In battle, it will appear as stores selling the necessary materials to create protective barriers for the bed or as shops buying and selling weapons such as swords and armor for battling, such as GRB. The gathering occurs in the material areas, and using the right strategy can determine every combatant’s victory or defeat. Resources in the game include iron, gold, diamonds, and emeralds. Iron and gold are the best two resources to mine since they’ll arrive in your principal base. Including these resources in your inventory helps players build a base and a fence around it for protection. Rocks will appear below the ground you may build upon. This assortment of stones lets you obtain better weapons.

After all, emeralds represent the most considerable item found on your largest island. Dragging in emeralds guarantees your staff members can buy better tools for a significant advantage in battle. Bed Wars provides various outfits that fit users. Build your character according to your preferences. It excites gamers as you customize your personality to each company. Fighting equipment, in addition to traditional weapons, like swords, bows, arrows, armor, and mining tools, is an integral part of the game. Upgrading weapons also drives competition. Weekly events with exciting rewards also attract gameplay. In addition, the high-score ranking mode enables you to measure your presence relative to other celebrities.

Bed Wars MOD APK

Final Thoughts

Players will participate in challenging battles against amphetamines with their loved ones to protect their base and fight with other player-controlled characters. The video game will help players show their skills and the ability to think tactically and coordinate with their friends and family. It will provide a comfortable gaming experience after hours of exhausting work. Players will fight for the control of sleep bases while destroying those of the enemy. Players will be battling with rival groups to retain control of cave bases while attacking those of their opponents. The graphics and context of the game are like those of Minecraft. It’s likely to be the most popular selection of many maps in fun.

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