Bad 2 Bad Extinction MOD APK v3.0.2 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Continue playing the role of our guide in our band of troublemakers in their missions to unravel the nature of the Bad 2 Bad Extinction MOD APK Extinction pirates. Locate yourself in a new world with intriguing settings as you’ll play the role of a wild animal fighting against a hostile human race.

Additional Information

App Name Bad 2 Bad Extinction MOD APK
Publisher APK HAVEN
Size 96 MB
Latest Version 3.0.3
Root Required No
Installs 1,000,000+ downloads
Required 4.4 and up
MOD Free
Genre Role Playing
Update 1 day ago
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Enjoy endless shooter gameplay and become the hero of extraordinary missions as you strive to defeat all the enemies and bring peace to people. Invest in hours of exciting shooter experience and take on unprecedented challenges. Develop your squad of the most outstanding soldiers, and together, you rally the enemies and avert their evil plans.

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The game takes us to an extraordinary and strange universe where men and women live in underdeveloped circumstances. Over time, internal battles and conflicts between the countries have emerged. And eventually, many militant teams emerged to combat the animal nations. The events in the game start after a devastating missile launch into Syria has turned the country into rubble due to its extensive damage. And the Tailless Legion, which is also behind the attacks, is beginning its invasions of neighboring countries despite the efforts of the United Nations.

As a result of the virus being released from its warheads, millions of individuals were turned into mindless zombies. Now, the armies of the zombie apocalypse are terrorizing Syria and nearby countries. The Wilders, as we refer to them, are spreading terror and illnesses all over the planet, infecting millions daily. This must be stopped at all costs, or we will lose our world entirely. In addition, a group of elite battlers and heroes were created to stop this madness. Their mission is to find the AABM (Anti-Animal Biological Missile) launcher and destroy it before they begin another attack.

As one of our highly trained groups of animal warriors, fight the Tailless Legion and their minions all over Bad 2 Bad Extinction and win the peace to the land. Descend upon the enemies only because they’ve committed many sins in our game, and wipe out their forces inside specific locations while defeating the Wild West Warriors. That will be your final journey in this incredible video game.

Bad 2 Bad Extinction MOD APK Features

Exploring the game portal has all kinds of fun and entertaining options.

Compete with friends and online gamers from all over the world

Gamers can also enjoy the game with friends and gamers worldwide as they compete for the highest places on the leaderboards. Challenge and defeat your competition with your top squad and claim the higher positions on the table. And in addition to special rewards and prizes, you can earn numerous class, and stat boosts for yourself and your teammates.

Bad 2 Bad Extinction MOD APK

Make use of futuristic technologies to gain victory

Players in Bad 2 Bad Extinction can also enjoy innovative fights with futuristic gadgets to compensate for the lack of excitement. Take down the enemies with industrious airstrikes, aerial drone attacks, and plenty of exciting opportunities.

Upgrade and improve your character’s skills

You can also redeem all the offers and upgrades made for your in-game characters. The games provide exceptional perks to acquiring your feelings, such as numerous appliances and weapons, improved abilities, and so on. Improve your action speed, reloading speed, good shots, penetration, and more. As you prepare to keep it up with your heroes, you’ll excite the fired faster, supply faster, hit targets with more great hits, and provide more blows.

Create your quad of capable fighters

You can get together with your team members and create a roster of special force soldiers with various available characters and varied fighting styles, making it a cinch for you to incorporate them to create your team of special force soldiers here. In Extinction, you can readily customize your squad and change their weaponry and skills to suit your strategic goals.

Bad 2 Bad Extinction MOD APK

Feel free to customize and develop your characters

And for those interested, the game also features more than 20 unique characters that you can advance to and cultivate on your squads. Each character has special skills and knowledge, allowing them to cope with their enemies in specific scenarios successfully. Therefore, you can select your details and lead them to battle in your favor.

In addition to possessing different abilities, everyone in your party has their equipment and costume. It’s pretty easy for you to modify your heroes’ weapons and tactics from their strategy when designing aspects of the battle. You may change this equipment and tactics when you equip varied weaponry to your characters and use them in different ways while confronting an antagonist. With more than 60 weapons to choose from, there shouldn’t ever be a problem for you to enjoy the game.

Complete a series of exciting sub-missions for epic rewards

Games will get far more engaging when players can take advantage of the fantastic terrain randomly generated each time they undertake their missions and often find themselves fighting in different locations of Bad 2 Bad Extinction. If you want to play as a Wilder, though, you must proceed to the places of Wilders. Take a stand on the field of the tailless legion, go up against our usual agents in battle positions, or learn something about the Underdogs concerning the particle-shaped bases that are situated throughout the territory.

Find yourself being challenged by new enemies.

Fighting against the Bad 2 Bad Extinction’s monster group in the previous game, gamers will be confronted with more complex and more powerful enemy groups in their next match. Many exciting adventures await you as Wilders, Purebloods, Underdogs, and the powerful Amazoness finally get their chance to confront you. The contentless Tailless Legion will also try to sabotage this plot. Comprehend different stories and examine various characteristics as you decide to divert yourself away from these forces. Get ready for many new and exciting experiences from Bad 2 Bad Extinction.

Explore the new open-world gameplay

Discover yourself in war-torn Syria after the pathogen has caused all the dead to follow an organized paradigm. Here, you will join the group of elite heroes in their quest to destroy the ranks of the undead and stop their wicked plans. Find numerous battlefields by giving free rein to your reckless choices. Liberate yourself to explore the surrounding areas for valuable items.

Bad 2 Bad Extinction MOD APK

Enjoy the excellent gameplay with new stories.

Lovers of the widespread Terrible 2 Awful Termination will have fun in their most recent and most fascinating undertakings with our boss gathering of the world’s best contenders. Experience both fascinating characters and magnificent stories as you investigate the game. Appreciate new stories and many new items as you engage in the activities.

Defeating Gorat al-Llama, Al-Qatala, and the Tailless Legion allows these events to take place in the game: your enemies, the Tailless Legion, are more well-equipped, more powerful, more well-organized, and more aggressive than their earlier encounters. You will have to incur several occupational costs before you drive them out of your country.

Special rewards for the active gamers

For devoted players of Bad 2 Bad Extinct, more special rewards can be picked up only when the gamer is active in the game. Fortunately, this means that you can go back to the game every day for another special reward, stack them up, and you’ll have another way of getting access to those special rewards.

Free to play

Notwithstanding those fantastic attributes, the game is still freely available for download and use by all Android users on all their devices. Thus, you could conveniently have this game downloaded from the Google Play Store without paying anything. Yet, some might still find the in-app purchases and advertisements somewhat bothersome.

Enjoy unlimited money with our mod.

Bad 2 Bad Extinction grants players a great deal of in-game cash and allows them to purchase whatever they want quickly. Plus, the mod will not provide any advertisements, making it even more enjoyable for Android users. You must install the app on your phone and download the Bad 2 Bad Extinction Mod APK.


Obsessed with the game in Bad 2 Bad Extinction, you will hook yourself to the audio as the physics-based gameplay entices you. Live out the entire soundtrack and its unique sound effects at any time in Bad 2 Bad Extinction.

Bad 2 Bad Extinction MOD APK


The game is accessible on almost any Android device with simple graphics. As a result, it’s simple to take pleasure in smoothly pleasurable shooter experiences. In addition, the in-depth and realistic setting with many interactive components also enhances each of your missions. Not to mention the excellent visual experiences that are difficult to anticipate throughout.

Final Thoughts

Though the shooter game SAS Zombie Assault 4 and some of its contemporaries are pretty popular, the new video game by Dawinstone, which is completely unlocked, will quickly catch your attention. You can enjoy the game to the fullest extent without paying for it. That’s cool, too.

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